Association of Banks continue to implement its training program

Association of Banks continue to implement its training program

8/11/2016 0:00

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BAGHDAD / morning
continue aimed at the promotion of human resources through specialized financial affairs of and under the supervision of international experts , the ongoing training courses, to enable local competencies of advanced banking systems that rely regionally and internationally, where the governing Iraqi private banks association on the National Business Council Chamber efforts training course specialist staff banks within the continuous training program.
Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq said that the ongoing Association in organizing specialized training courses which include competencies working in banking , both public and private sector, noting that the current session of regulating the participation of 29 employees representing different banks, to enable them the basics of financial accounting.
the Association organized menstrual cycles during the previous period under the supervision of international centers and experts from around the world in a move to develop banking products, especially that our financial sector is suffering a shortage of banking products compared to regional and global banks that have opened branches in Iraq .

international certificate
Tariq pointed out that this session followed by another session for the participants themselves , but higher by enabling them to broader systems level and more sophisticated granted after an international certificate in this important specialization in the banking business, pointing out that private banks interact with the Association programs , aimed at the development of workers in the banking sector.
He said the course includes a detailed analysis of financial transactions and settlement «corresponding» financial fixed assets, as well as methods of consumption, loans and allowances and the preparation of financial statements.
Tariq confirmed that the middle of next month , will organize a specialized training course in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing in order to create efficiencies on a high degree of expertise in this specialization is important for our national economy, adding that the association pays great attention to this aspect and there is cooperation with the relevant authorities to undermine any attempts in this aspect.

uneven levels
Lama lecturer Rami Hourani has pointed out that there is a disparity in the levels of the participants in this session, but we have seen there is a reaction by everyone to participate and get new information, pointing out that our program is designed to enable participants to advanced systems through practical activity which is accompanied by subtraction theory.
he said that the program does not include a test once and to make the participant closer to the program session and this really achieved a positive result where you find everyone racing in taking a course to discuss and apply what you earned to be more self – confidence to master the system on affairs of accounting.

new styles
and pointed to the adoption of new methods to deliver information to the trainee, which helped to increase the interaction between the participants, noting that lecturers a high degree of expertise in this area and contribute significantly to the creation of new efficiencies beneficial to the banking sector.
while the co – Ibrahim Adel Jassem: he found in this session the need for it will come out with new information to help him adopt the advanced systems we are desperately in need, stressing the importance that we come lecturers have extensive experience in banking technologies and the delivery of information to return.