Anticipation and anxiety of three astronomical phenomena occur together next Friday

Anticipation and anxiety of three astronomical phenomena occur together next Friday

Posted 17/03/2015 01:57 PM

Anticipation and anxiety of three astronomical phenomena occur together next FridayPass on the earth and its inhabitants on Friday 3 astronomical phenomena once, may raise concerns for some, because the astronomers considered to occur together very rarely, in the March 20 on the eve of the first day of spring, begins phenomenon continues for the next day and repeated only twice a year, and he calls astronomers Equinox Where the sun directly overhead directly perpendicular to the equator, the night becomes equal to the hours of the day completely, an event repeated on 22 September, and they call the autumnal equinox, and continue throughout the next day in all the southern hemisphere.

“Vernal equinox” in the Northern Hemisphere land phenomenon is unusual, and comes with occasions of joy and joy to hundreds of millions in the world, and one of which we have in the Arab region is the newly continuous Bassem Eid “chemo” pharaonic “Easter” in Egypt more than 4,700 years, as there Last holiday read “Arabiya” with him also, a “Nowruz” famous in Iran, Turkey and northern Iraq.

However, “Aakennox” also starts “Easter holiday” throughout the week when the Jews, in addition to the “Resurrection Festival” what counts the greatest festivals of Christians, even “dedicated to honoring Mother Festival”, also accompanied by “Aakennox” Marshal of the birth of “a new day” in different else, it takes off the ground for half of her dress wearing sweetest nature show him with a decent sun radiation and light.

When this happens Aakennox phenomenon becomes a day divided into 12 hours of the day and quite like it for the night

However, the “Aakennox” This year will be different from others, because the phenomenon of astronomical second will be accompanied by next Friday and make it dark, a little bit, and will not be repeated with him again, but after 38 years, and then a third in the year 2072 also, a full solar eclipse will turn day into night dark and this is also normal, but “Arabiya” I’ve found different for each time after reading it through scientific media, Vmaha next Friday there will be an astronomical phenomenon third, rare with Equinox The eclipse in one day together.

Astronomers name called Supermoon The third phenomenon that will occur also on Friday, where he becomes a full moon is full, coincides completed with the arrival at the closest distance from the earth, it seems to those who by “huge” and larger, so-called “giant moon” as distinct from the stages that seem to smaller, because after all Earth varies each month between 406 thousand and 357 thousand kilometers, and in the second closest size becomes 14% greater for those who saw it, and shinier for itself and also brighter.

In networking sites these days, as the means of scientific media, and the other which activates the “Mosoyun” see danger in every event is unusual, views and ideas of some of them, “Arabiya” I read and by those who have not found an explanation even scientifically occurrence of three phenomena together in a single day, is on the eve of the start of spring is supposed to be an occasion for joy, and a summary of what they wrote reflex fired them with questions whether he will come next Friday’s okay multiplier 3 times for humans, or humans absolute triple.