An upcoming cabinet reshuffle and Sadr’s leadership reveal a move to sack five ministers

An upcoming cabinet reshuffle and Sadr’s leadership reveal a move to sack five ministers

2019-08-29 | 02:59

An upcoming cabinet reshuffle and Sadrs leadership reveal a move to sack five ministersBAGHDAD (Reuters) – A cabinet reshuffle is expected with the start of a new legislative term, a senior political source said on Thursday, as Sadr’s leader revealed a move to sack five ministers.
The source said in a press statement that “there is a political agreement on a cabinet reshuffle, with the start of the new legislative chapter of the House of Representatives,” noting that “the agreement was finally in principle between political leaders and leaders of political blocs.”

He added that “the agreement was to make a first ministerial reshuffle, to be the change of ministers through the withdrawal of confidence, after questioning them in the House of Representatives,” adding that “the agreement was to choose replacements for the dismissed ministers from within the ministry itself and the people of competence.”

The source said that “talks are still going on despite the dominance of the crisis of recent attacks on the factions of the crowd on the political atmosphere in Baghdad .”

For his part, the leader of the Sadrist movement, the governor of Zamili , in a press statement, “the existence of a first reshuffle will be with the beginning of the legislative chapter of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.”

Al-Zamili added that “so far the government performance is poor, and did not provide anything clear to the citizens, and there are ministers did not do business as required, and there are ministers hovering on suspicion of corruption and some of them face issues of integrity and other suspicions.”

He continued that “there is a movement by the political blocs to question and dismiss a number of ministers,” adding that “there is a tendency to dismiss about five ministers, and this may be a reshuffle first, and there may be another amendment.”

On July 29, 2019, MP Hakim Sattar al-Jabri revealed that five ministers are being questioned according to legal frameworks, stressing that these interrogations are far from extortion, targeting or attempting to put the stick in the wheel of the state.