An American Website: “Powell” Lied When Invading Iraq, And Washington Should Prevent Involvement In Ukraine

An American Website: “Powell” Lied When Invading Iraq, And Washington Should Prevent Involvement In Ukraine

03/19/2022 | 6:18 PM

An American Website - Powell Lied When Invading Iraq And Washington Should Prevent Involvement In UkraineInformation

A report by the Responsible Statecraft website admitted that former US Secretary of State Colin Powell deliberately ignored false evidence regarding Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, which helped launch one of the worst US foreign policy mistakes, which was the invasion of Iraq, stressing the prevention of its recurrence in Ukraine.

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The report, translated by Al-Maalouma Agency, stated that “false intelligence information sponsored by a politically dead administration convinced the American people, who were recently shaken by the events of September 11, that entering Iraq was the only option available to prevent a crazy tyrant from unleashing terrorism and weapons of mass destruction on the world, as it was said. To the Americans, the war will not last long, and that it will establish a stable democracy that contributes to a safer Middle East.”

And he added, “The cost of such a scandalous lie came at a heavy price, causing the deaths of 4,500 American soldiers and the wounding of 32,000 others, while tens of thousands of veterans committed suicide, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed and wounded, and 2 trillion dollars were spent by American taxpayers.”

He continued, “Such terrible results were due to policymakers who lacked a wise and disciplined political framework that recognized America’s basic security, the limits of its power, and the dangers of over-expansion, while the American people paid the price for Colin Powell’s arrogance and lie.”

If the tragedy of the Iraq invasion will teach us anything, a realistic and restrained foreign policy is the best way forward, and younger Americans need to understand how a society can drag itself into pro-war fever and what can be done to combat military inaction. . Most of all, we must prepare future generations to show the courage that Colin Powell lacked to speak out against the mistakes of foreign policy, even when it is unpopular to do so.”

The Iraq war should remind us that American power is stronger when used judiciously, and commanders should never put forces in harm’s way without a clear connection to our national interest and an achievable mission to be carried out, not the rush of war with a great power. Like Russia because of Ukraine. finished/ 25 z