An American website: Despite the objections, no party presented valid reasons against Sudan’s candidacy for prime minister

An American website: Despite the objections, no party presented valid reasons against Sudan’s candidacy for prime minister


An American website - Despite the objections no party presented valid reasons against Sudans candidacy for prime ministerInformation / translation.
A report by the Middle East Institute in Washington confirmed that despite the political crisis that prevented the formation of the Iraqi government nearly a year after the elections, negotiations are still ongoing, as the political pause ended after the Arbaeen visit. violence as a result.

The report, which was translated by the “Information” agency, stated that “the coordination framework moved after the resignation of the Sadrist bloc deputies to the announcement of the former minister and governor of Maysan, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani as a candidate for prime minister, and they are moving forward in forming the government.”

And the report indicated that, “According to many interviews conducted with members of the coordination framework, many members of the political parties said that there is a selection committee for the coalition, and Al-Sudani was nominated unanimously, while many members who preferred not to reveal their identity said that “nobody has yet provided valid reasons.” for not being nominated for prime minister.

One of the officials said, “If anyone has concerns, they must be presented publicly in Parliament, and so far no one has presented a credible argument to reject his candidacy,” adding that “Iraq does not depend on anyone and the formation of the government continues, and if there are any serious and credible official objections to Al-Sudani.” Iraq will not depend on it either,” and he will be replaced.

The report stated that “the coalition seems to be going ahead with its nomination of the Sudanese,” while another official in the coalition expressed his regret that the two main parties in Kurdistan have not yet agreed to present a candidate for the presidency, and that the Iraqi parliament must elect a president before it can elect the prime minister. .

The report indicated that “many members of the coalition agreed that one of the biggest obstacles to a political settlement is the stubbornness of the other party, and that the coalition is ready to make some concessions to overcome the political impasse, but they doubted that the other party would do the same.”

For his part, Al-Maliki’s press secretary, Hisham Al-Rikabi, said in response to a question regarding the efforts of the national dialogue and whether it will include all political parties represented in Parliament, including the independents, “This is an issue related to forming the government, so anyone who has a representative in Parliament can participate in that.” finished/ 25 z