America’s achievements in Iraq (supporting homosexuality)

America’s achievements in Iraq (supporting homosexuality)


Americas achievements in Iraq supporting homosexualityMuhammad Sadiq Al-Hashemi
There has been a lot of talk about the Zionist-American movements in the world, and Iraq in particular, and their danger to a great extent. It finds the way to create a low society that believes in Satan and is a religion that is an alternative to Islam and all religions, and we do not want to go back to those hadiths, as it is no longer a secret and nothing new in the matter.

What is new in the disaster is that the website of the US State Department publishes news (about its intention to fund Iraqi universities to encourage students to homosexuality and allocate funds to support homosexuals in Iraq) [1] and the matter is not new, as embassies including Britain, Canada and the European Union have raised (the flags of homosexuals) ) in the sky of Baghdad in 2017.

Our words are directed only to fathers, children, believers, writers, intellectuals, and holders of Islamic pens, and not to others, as they are more familiar with their mandate, and to parties and seminaries, I say:

1- The American embassy and other countries are striving diligently towards deforming Islamic values ​​and giving the present and future Islamic generation a culture of deviation and making (homosexuality) an imposed reality that is leaked and made to infiltrate through a soft war like cancer in the body of Iraqi society, and from here the responsibility doubles, and a great effort is added to you to raise children And the rejection of dangerous Western projects of obliterating the cultural identity of society, and fighting against its immutable moral values.

And let’s not forget when the “Washington Post” newspaper directed its question to the religious authority in Najaf: What is the greatest danger and threat to the future of Iraq? Her answer was: ((The danger of obliterating his cultural identity, one of the most important pillars of which is the true Islamic religion))[2]

The representative of the supreme authority, Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbalai, said in the Friday prayer sermon (30/8/2019): We are witnessing these days an increase in campaigns against our youth to obliterate their cultural, moral and religious identity, calling for the need to confront these campaigns and work to preserve the identity of youth and the general community.

2- America and the West in general, after they were unable to confront the Islamic faith and were unable to create military and security victories for them in our world and our countries, and after their defeat in Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Palestine, and after their inability to create the experience of normalization because they found the people rejecting the Zionist entity, they returned to seize the generations. New programs through (homosexuality) and (gender) and others, it is truly a new and dangerous invasion, and you have the task of confronting it by immunizing your children.

3- It seems that America paved the way with a series of dissertations, operations and secret programs since 2003, and created large gaps within Iraqi society that made it continue to put forward the project of homosexuality and homosexuality in public, and that it believes that the Iraqi people have lost their immunity, so America must see the seriousness in the confrontation by various means and mechanisms.

This battle has no weapons of guns, trenches and mounds; Rather, it contains media, pens, faith, deep awareness, and penetrating insight.