American bases in Iraq are breathing their last and preparing to escape thanks to the strikes of the Iraqi Islamic resistance

American bases in Iraq are breathing their last and preparing to escape thanks to the strikes of the Iraqi Islamic resistance.


American bases in Iraq are breathing their last and preparing to escape thanks to the strikes of the Iraqi Islamic resistanceAbdel Bari Atwan
Finally, the United States of America yielded to the demands of the Iraqi Islamic resistance to immediately and quickly withdraw and abandon all of its military bases in Iraq, thanks primarily to the resistance attacks that targeted these bases in Erbil, Al-Shaddadi, and Ain Al-Assad, in addition to their counterparts in Syria, such as the Al-Omar and Kiniko field. “And Al-Tanf.

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday that it had been agreed with the United States to set a gradual timetable for the evacuation of the “advisers” of the international coalition from Iraqi territory, and to end this alliance.

The American administration was evading Iraqi demands for withdrawal, and stipulated that all attacks targeting its military bases be stopped before entering into any negotiations in this regard, but the escalation of attacks on these bases with missiles and suicide drones, and the increasing losses among its soldiers, prompted it to drop this condition.


It is clear that the rapid and deliberate move of the Iraqi Islamic resistance comes as an extension and completion of the blockade imposed by the Yemeni naval forces on Israeli and American ships in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait, and we do not rule out that it will extend to the Strait of Hormuz in the third stage, as Iraq overlooks the mouth of the northern Gulf. .

The Islamic Resistance in its three centers (Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq) is carrying out these precise operations within the framework of complete coordination, whether on land or at sea, and within the framework of an integrated plan to strike the “head of the snake,” that is, the United States, which provides the military protective cover for the occupying state in occupied Palestine. .

The United States, which failed to form a large international coalition to “secure” navigation in the Red Sea for Israeli ships, and this failure was reflected in the expansion of attacks by the Yemeni naval forces to include American civilian and military ships, and its attacks on targets deep inside Yemen were unable to stop these attacks, China is currently begging To mediate with Iran and reach a ceasefire agreement.

It is true that the number of American forces in Iraq does not exceed 2,500 soldiers, but their withdrawal constitutes a major defeat for the United States and its influence in the Middle East region after its humiliating defeat in Afghanistan.

The United States, which spent about six trillion dollars in its war on Iraq, in addition to 4,487 dead and 32,000 wounded, will face an end that it never expected at all, and so quickly, and we do not believe that its embassy, ​​which occupies a large part of the Green Zone in Baghdad and is considered the largest in the world, will last long. Partially or completely, after the decline of the American presence.


The United States has no choice but to withdraw its forces from Iraq, and US President Joe Biden, who was one of the most prominent drummers of the war on Iraq, will be lucky if this “humiliating” withdrawal is smooth and not chaotic and shameful like the withdrawal from Kabul.

The only language that the American leadership can understand is the language of force, and it seems that the Iraqi resistance has decided to use it extensively, after the Iraqi governments failed in all their diplomatic attempts to implement Parliament’s decision to dismantle and expel all American military bases on Iraqi soil and end this presence, which conflicts with the simplest principles. National sovereignty.

The great Iraq is making a strong return to its leadership position in the Middle East and the Arab world, and this return will clearly culminate in the elimination of the colonial presence on its land… and the days are among us.