America and its never-ending theatrical chapters in Iraq.

America and its never-ending theatrical chapters in Iraq.


America and its never-ending theatrical chapters in Iraq.Ibrahim Mahjoub
It is no secret to anyone today that Iraq, after the US occupation in 2003, has become an unstable country dominated by chaos and instability as a result of the state’s inability to impose the rule of law on everyone, and the official names and titles of many people who have wide financial influence and strong authority have become unconstitutional to rule the country….

From time to time, the US State Department appears to us through the US Embassy in Baghdad or the official spokesperson for the White House with a new theatrical chapter showing us that the White House is very concerned about what is happening in Iraq, as if the Iraqi issue concerns them more than the internal affairs in the United States of America…

The White House is accustomed to skits, especially after the new world order, whose decision was unique to America alone, and the scales differed on the other side of the world after the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, and American arrogance became clear and public with its strong desire to control all the wealth of the countries of the world, either through force and weapons or through The way of thought and the use of imposing a fait accompli of politics on the governments of peaceful countries or by spreading ideas and values ​​that are contrary to the heavenly laws, as well as what it is doing today and publicly in its blatant interference with the prices of buying and selling oil as if it is the heavenly guardian of those oil-producing countries….

Today we hear from the talk of the street that there is a new intervention by the United States through the deployment of its military forces in many locations inside and outside the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, as well as the deployment of many of these forces on the borders adjacent to some of Iraq’s neighboring countries. No. The official Iraqi position and the official media deny this, but the recent statements of the ambassador The American forces are deploying new forces in the American bases present on the ground in Iraq, and it was found that they did not leave Iraqi territory except through false news in the media loyal to the White House.

The logical analysis of such false statements aims to sow unrest within the Iraqi street and destabilize the security situation, especially after the existing and clear stability in the Iraqi street in all Iraqi provinces and cities, which had the obvious effect of restoring national cohesion and bringing Iraq back to the Arab ranks after many Arab brothers restored Their brotherly and diplomatic relations with Iraq, and this news is certainly not in the interest of the United States and the countries loyal to it.. Likewise, the countries that have come to view the Iraqi state as a weak, helpless and paralyzed state from all sides and not ready to defend themselves and claim their rights…

On the other hand, the Iraqi people have become accustomed to hearing such farces and theatrical episodes from time to time, as well as the news that spreads media propaganda that there is a change in the political reality in Iraq, and its purpose is to demand a renewal of allegiance to the ruling political system in Iraq and to renew its dependence on the capitalist system led by the United States of America…

Successive governments in America have become accustomed to creating chaos in Iraq by publishing fabricated news, and after a few days or weeks, we notice the deployment of some of its military forces in some Iraqi cities, and its goal has always been to put the ruling political classes in a very embarrassing position in front of the Iraqi people, who have lost their credibility with their central government, as well as with dealings With the so-called lame American democracy, when will this people wake up to themselves, and when will American diplomacy stop continuing lies, propaganda, and its foreign interventions in the Iraqi issue, just as it began by fighting and changing the previous regime under the pretext of Iraq’s possession of chemical and biological weapons, which have proven to the whole world that they do not exist at all, and that they are nothing but a joke made by the CIA? The US at the time, which is still making things like this, even with the existence of the new Iraqi political system, for which the Iraqi people are certainly paying the price alone…….