America adds another file to pressure files on Iraq

America adds another file to pressure files on Iraq


America adds another file to pressure files on IraqAbdul Hussein Al-Zalimi
In a previous article, we had talked about a group of files on which the United States of America has set red lines that Iraqi governments cannot cross without prior approvals and understandings with those who have pressure cards on the entire Iraqi situation. These files are:

The arming file for the Iraqi armed forces of all kinds. This is the file that America considers an exclusive file for it, no matter how Iraqi officials say otherwise.

The file of oil and its imports, the type of companies that participate in US companies, and the decision to deposit them in the US Federal Reserve.

The electricity file: This is the file that America sought to be exclusive to General Electric without competing with any other company without its approval. In addition, America considers electricity the backbone of life in Iraq, so it considers it the thick stick with which the Iraqi governments are flogged when necessary.

4: The dollar file

Recently, America added another file to put pressure on the Iraqi government, which is the dollar file, under the pretext that Iraq is responsible for smuggling billions of dollars to countries on which America imposes an economic blockade (Iran) or wants to weaken its economy to pass its policy in those countries (Syria, Turkey, Lebanon,) .

Therefore, some private banks in Iraq are considered responsible for smuggling dollars under the pretext of cash transfers for the purpose of import. Therefore, they forced the Central Bank of Iraq to implement a special policy that refrains from selling dollars in the Iraqi market after it introduced Iraq to a special monitoring platform to monitor the import of goods.

And where do these commodities go, who benefits from them, and what are their values? All this is compared with the volume of hard currency transfers through an electronic system called (OFAC).

This is the apparent issue of the dollar, but the real reality is that the dollar has become a pressure card added to the previous pressure files on the current government so that it does not go away from the drawn path, especially since some tracks were not as valid as they were in the time of Al-Kazemi, the Baghdad summit one and two other than the Saudi summit, the Gulf summit and the summit China and the Arabs in which Iraq participated

This is not like that. Especially with

Saudi Arabia’s distance from America and its attempt to get out of the American tent in the economic field

It was followed by other Gulf countries, especially Qatar, which gave Chinese companies the largest share, 68% of the total spent on the World Cup, and there are other contracts that may be larger, and the fact that Iraq is still the most fragile and dominant area for America, so it is trying to catch it and not allow it to go away from its policy and lines. red

That is why the advisor to the current Prime Minister, Dr. Mazhar Salih, referred to him when he said (the stability of the dollar requires international flexibility in this field and requires diplomatic effort). Iraqi oil and deposit it in the US Federal Reserve and release payments in dollars from it to the Central Bank of Iraq. Therefore, the bank was forced to adopt a special policy and according to special instructions for the exchange of dollars, which led to an imbalance in the supply and demand for hard currency, which led to a rise in prices, which in turn formed resentment from the citizens

The direction of what is going on, especially with the presence of media mouthpieces designed to achieve the goal of this pressure, and thus America will add another stick to the Iraqi governments whenever they want. .. And God is the helper for what they do.