Alwani lying Mullah on central bank auction

Alwani lying Mullah on central bank auction

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Baghdad / Orr News

MP Khaled al-Alwani decision Parliamentary Integrity Committee Iraqi MP “The information stated by MP Mullah not unfounded, and did not reach the Integrity Commission such information,” and urged MP Haider Mulla provide documents that prove the losses made by private auction the central bank.

Alwani noted that Abdel Basset Turki when he assumed the task of managing the central bank has helped control financial الحولات, and Operation Iraqi dinar and this is what is installed and is the Integrity Committee by hosting Turkish officials with him in the bank.

The MP for the Iraqi Haider Mulla detect financial losses amounted to 509 billion dinars during the four month in the central bank during the receipt of Abdel Basset Turki reins Bank agency, pointing out that most of the money that came out was directed to Arab and foreign banks.

Mulla said, a member of parliament that Iraq lost during the period of October 17 last until 31 January last 509 billion dinars at the central bank, since it took over Abdel Basset Turki Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit Bank presidency by proxy. Al Mulla said that these amounts came from the Central Bank of Iraq and went to Arab and foreign banks.

The MP revealed that more banks which acquired these amounts are banks Beirut and Byblos Mediterranean and Baghdad, Mansour, credit and Ceyhan and the Tigris and Euphrates and north. He said that these banks buy Iraqi currency, even without an auction, because they dictate the central bank buying dollars at 1166 Iraqi dinars, pointing out that the exchange rate of the dollar in the market today 1243 dinars.

He said that the central bank continuously Btakbth and policy is successful, and everyone knows that Parliament form an investigative committee headed by Qusay al-Suhail, First Deputy of the House of Representatives to investigate actions of the Central Bank in the three main issues.

During the last year raised suspicions of corruption on the Central Bank of Iraq, and parliament formed a committee under the supervision of First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail. The investigations proved a sale of foreign currency to banks and corporations themselves and that has smuggled to neighboring countries.

And then Council of Ministers decided to entrust the Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit “Turkish” management position of Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency, the Judicial Council issued an arrest warrant for former central bank governor and a number of officials in corruption cases.

And a few days before, alluded to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee in a statement to the efforts have to reopen the file central bank, which was referred to the Integrity Commission, and new investigations due to follow Bank procedures for auction and exchange itself, which was followed in the era of Iraqi Central Bank Governor former Shabibi.