Allawi: What happened in the last two days is a dangerous sign

Allawi: What happened in the last two days is a dangerous sign

2/6/2020 16:43

Allawi - What happened in the last two days is a dangerous sign[Baghdad-Where]
Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi hinted Thursday that he will not continue to be assigned with the continuation of what the youth are exposed to, considering that what happened during the past two days is a dangerous indication.
Allawi said in a speech to the Iraqi people that “what our dear country is going through is difficult circumstances, and distress generates additional problems, which require us to disclose, clarity, synergy and summon every effort possible, in order to move in the right direction.”

He added that “the unfortunate and painful conditions that occurred in the last two days are a dangerous indication of what is happening, and what can happen, from the fall of martyrs and wounded people in all the protest venues,” noting that “this situation is not acceptable at all, and that those in the squares are our children.” The peaceful, who deserve all appreciation and respect, and our duty to serve them and to hear their voice, not to be oppressed and constrained. ”
Allawi pointed out that “these practices put us in a critical angle, then it is not possible to continue the mission entrusted to us with the continuation of what the young people are exposed to. We did not come to this national task except for building what was destroyed, and it is not ethical to accept the forefront of the scene, and to recognize the mission while exposed Our children because of what we know of practices that protect the heart and conscience. ”

Allawi stressed that “respecting the opinion and the other opinion is the most important thing that we should strive for in this period, and I do not hide you, that I personally do not refuse that my personal image be exposed to the X in the squares, as much as I refuse, denounce me, and stand completely against attacking those who raised this image, so the citizen is free Karim expresses his opinion, and our duty is to improve his service, protection and respect. ”

He considered that “the priority of the next government, and under the first item, is to conduct serious investigations on the violations suffered by our children, from demonstrators and security forces, and hold everyone behind them accountable, whoever it is, and for which side it belongs, for Iraqi blood is our only red line, which does not honor We have no respect if it was shed before our eyes. ”

He continued by saying, “We are up to the critical moment that we are going through, mandated, and we do not have the powers due to the incomplete procedures for forming the government, and all that matters to us now is to work to ensure that matters do not slip into something that does not lead to its consequences,” stressing by saying, “As we confirm that we are going Arrangements for the most important demands of the protest arenas, which are setting a date for early elections, we repeat our assertion that Iraqi blood is our red line, and that we are continuing to hold those who dare to hold them accountable, with investigations that will not exclude anyone.