Allawi: We will not allow al-Maliki to continue in the third term

Allawi: We will not allow al-Maliki to continue in the third term


Allawi-We will not allow al-Maliki to continue in the third termPalm – The former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi that he would not accept his allies what he called a new dictatorship in Iraq any third term for the incumbent Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in and denied that his allies in the Iraqi List, has abandoned him and select the points disagreement with the Islamic movement in Iraq, as he pointed to a real threat to his physical liquidation.

Allawi said: I will not allow any form and under any circumstances to continue al-Maliki in the third term, we will not allow the dictatorship of a new Iraq, “where He added that the alliance is close to the Kurdistan Alliance and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr and al-Hakim and saw that these powers could be an alliance with it.

He pointed out that government actions in preparation for the elections seriously and do not serve the interests of a voting process sound and positive, and that the policies of exclusion is not based on data legal and constitutional, political, and said 40 people were excluded from running in the current election is a political massacre.

He pointed out that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that put an end to what he described as “a farce major occurring in Anbar,” and that the tribes of Anbar and Fallujah did not stand by al-Maliki, but he considered that the Iraqi government must establish rules of engagement and the achievement of specific operations against al-Qaeda, and that the solution in Anbar You must be political and not military.

He pointed out that the failure to file management security, political and national reconciliation in Iraq, creating an environment conducive to terrorism, and that the environments of Iraq and Syria “have become obsolete and Hadhantin of terrorism.”

Allawi said: “All that is happening now in the region of the repercussions of what happened is a result of the dismantling of Iraq’s capabilities during the American occupation.” He pointed out that the Syrian crisis began to reflect on Iraq through the influx of refugees and the infiltration of militants.

He denied Allawi no effect to Saudi Arabia to Iraq, saying that the conflict Sunni-Shiite created by the Americans and Iran, and added, “I told the Iranian ambassador does not meddle in the affairs of Iraq, because it will come from interfering in you alone .. I met the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad a few days ago and asked him to stop interfering in Iraq.” .

Allawi considered that the entity that has emerged within the Iraqi List has become mostly of the year, and said “We consider everyone in the Iraqi national but turn away those who hold Islamic thought .. I have entered the Iraqi List, the axes of Islamic and nationalist and other pro-rule of the current, and there are figures within the Iraqi became oriented approach Islamic “. “It has not been abandoned me by the Allies in Iraq and the words of Saleh al-Mutlaq is not true.”