Allawi threatens to cancel the assignment: ready to take the first plane to Beirut

Allawi threatens to cancel the assignment: ready to take the first plane to Beirut

11/2/2020 14:44

Allawi threatens to cancel the assignment - ready to take the first plane to Beirut[Baghdad-Ain] An
informed source said, on Tuesday, that the Prime Minister-designate, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, threatened to apologize for forming the new government for several reasons, including dictations of political blocs and lack of time, and receiving warnings not to vote to give him confidence in Parliament.
The source close to Allawi said, in press statements to Arab media, today, February 11, 2020, that “the Prime Minister-designate waved to several political parties that he was ready to take the first plane heading to Beirut, in a sign of his apology for the assignment if the current blackmail and dictation process continues.” It is, “noting that” the Shiite forces informed the prime minister-designate that they would abdicate their ministries in the new government, in exchange for the Sunni and Kurdish political forces giving up their ministries as well. ”

The source pointed out that “Allawi has been trying for days to persuade the political forces to relinquish the ministries to his advantage, in order to choose new ministers independent of the blocs and parties, as promised by the Iraqi people in his first speech after his assignment, but some political forces insist on keeping their current ministries in the government Prospective new. ”

He continued, “Allawi, is also working to moisten the atmosphere with the Sadrists because of their dissatisfaction with his meetings with the demonstrators recently, which disturbed Sadr himself, and prompted him to send signals to Allawi that support for him will not be open to the end.”

The source emphasized that “Allawi, until now, has not been able to obtain the support of a parliamentary majority, which gives him confidence in the House of Representatives, and obtaining this support depends on giving the political forces what they want from ministries and positions in other special grades. Otherwise, those blocs will not vote To him, and you will bring him down. ”

He pointed out that “Allawi waved several things, including directing a speech in which he exposes the Iraqis to the blocs that blackmail him by voting in Parliament in exchange for positions and privileges in his government, and those that refuse to give up quotas and also offered the option to apologize for assigning him to form the new government, if the political forces insist on Imposing her will on him in exchange for voting for him. ”

He also revealed that “Al-Sadr delivered a message to Allawi that he would be against him, in the event of accepting any party candidate or supported by any political party, and would increase public pressure on him by his supporters.”

The Prime Minister-designate, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, had earlier hinted of stepping down in the event of continued violence against the demonstrators, and he said in a speech that “these practices put us in a critical angle, then the mission entrusted to us cannot be continued while the youth are exposed to it.”

According to sources, “Allawi was recently subjected to a direct threat by the Sadrist movement, led by Muqtada al-Sadr, by the security adviser of the latter, Kazem Al-Issawi, not to vote for him and topple his government within three days if he nominated personalities for ministerial positions from within the political and party blocs, in addition To wave other blocs that they will not vote for the government if Allawi acquiesces to the dictates of the Sunni and Kurdish political forces, regarding their quotas. ”