Allawi: I do not have a personal problem with Maliki

Allawi: I do not have a personal problem with Maliki not trying for any position

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Baghdad / Orr News

Said the Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi said the list will not withdraw from the political process and at the same time rejects early elections, saying that “the situation in the region is tense and there is a crisis of confidence between the political parties.”

Allawi stressed that the list “also rejects any sectarian speech or religion would يجتث others are holding onto بخطها national and rejects any attempts to divide Iraq,” noting that Iraq is looking forward to a true partnership in the strategic decision-making.

He noted, in a statement to the Center Brief, that “there is a regional pressure trying to stir up violence in Iraq, taking advantage of the impending local elections.” Allawi described the dissolution of the parliament “represents a serious blow to the political process might bring back dictatorship”, pointing out that “the crisis in Iraq stifling and require parliamentary action to get out of the bottleneck.” However, saying: “This is a message addressed to the National Alliance to find a solution to the crisis.” Allawi said “Iraq refuses to label the demonstrations on the basis of the components and doctrines as Sunni or Shia.”

And on the charges against Saudi Arabia and Qatar role in the recent demonstrations and the extent of their impact in the decision of the Iraqi List, he explained: “I do not represent the Saudi Arabia or Qatar does not allow any country to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs.”

And continued, “as well as Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki does not represent Iran is not subject to them, but that he has seen in the state administration,” he said, adding “I do not have a personal problem with al-Maliki, but I disagree with him on his way with the State Administration.”

And on ways out of the current crisis, he said: “The dialogue is still going on between the political blocs to resolve the crisis,” stressing the need to return to the Erbil agreement and to strengthen the partnership and to achieve real reform. ”

He also said: “I do not trying to get any position in the state, but I do not accept at the same time removing the marginalization of any political party at the expense of the other.” He Allawi said: “The exciting files a lawsuit by the government is a matter of doubt, as it must be released from the judicial authorities.”

And on the withdrawal of his list of ministers Council of Ministers, said that “the withdrawal was due to the lack of internal system regulates the process of voting in the Council and decision-making, as there was no law in granting a compulsory license for the minister.”

He criticized Allawi uproot a number of candidates Accord Movement claiming affiliation to the Baath Party, adding that “the accountability and justice uprooted a large number of candidates Accord Movement for the provincial elections under the pretext of belonging to the Baath Party,” noting that “most of those working in government departments did not Eshmloa accountability measures over the past years. ”