Allawi calls Mutlaq to resign immediately from his post after the “Committee of Five” failed government

Allawi-Mutlaq calls to resign immediately from his post after the “Committee of Five failed government headed by achieving any national achievement”

Published 18/05/2013 09:53 AM

Iyad AllawiBAGHDAD – “arenas of Liberation”
Aware of the site “arenas of liberation” that the message from the leader of “Iraq,” Iyad Allawi delivered by hand to the leader and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq demanded the resignation from office immediately after the government failed the Committee of Five, headed by achieving any national achievement.

Allawi, in his letter yesterday addressed Mutlaq “I promised the leaders of the” Iraqi “necessity given deadline-running 3 weeks to achieve the goals of the protestors .. Here is the deadline expires was not achieved anything.”
said Allawi, in his letter to the Mutlaq, “you say you will make Maliki more flexible and responsive to the demands of Iraqis, including people areas Almentvdh but what happened is that the Maliki has increased arbitrarily and persecution. ”
Allawi stressed-Mutlaq said, “about the current situation deteriorating political and security … become your resignation from your position due and Towards Uadk and line with national Tahadatk”.
Known that Almtalm the head of a government commission to the implementation of the demands of the protestors