Al-Sudani: The electronic circulation of funds can address the problems of the exchange rate

Al-Sudani: The electronic circulation of funds can address the problems of the exchange rate

2023-08-20 03:16

Al-Sudani - The electronic circulation of funds can address the problems of the exchange rateShafaq News/ The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, inaugurated today, Sunday, the National Data Center in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

A statement issued by the media office of Al-Sudani stated that the latter was briefed on the stages of completing the first phase of the center, using smart screens, and models that embody the stages of installing the national cloud facility, as well as with regard to digital transformation, including the program for canceling a transaction (breast health).

The statement added that Al-Sudani continued the work of the one-stop-shop to provide electronic services, which currently amount to 299 services, which bears the name (Electronic Ur Gate). Electronic tracking of citizens’ communications through the guidance service, and the actual use of the vehicle fine platform electronically, as an example of one of the portal’s services.

Al-Sudani also indicated that the media should be informed of these services. In order to raise awareness and educate, indicating that this project will support the government’s program in combating financial and administrative corruption, which is a serious challenge to all development, reconstruction and services projects.

The Prime Minister urged the importance of these steps being broader and more comprehensive, appreciating all the efforts made to complete this project.

Al-Sudani met with international experts representing the entities supporting the project, namely the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, the Center for Digital Services in Britain (GDS), the World Food Programme, the International Development Agency for International Cooperation, the Canadian Foreign Affairs Foundation and IMMAP, and listened to a brief presentation on the digital transformation roadmap. mass in Iraq.

He also chaired a meeting of the advisory team of the e-Government Committee, during which he stressed the importance of collecting data in a way that facilitates the provision of services to citizens, handling poverty and ration card files, and working to reduce time.

The statement quoted Al-Sudani as saying that: electronic trading of funds can address exchange rate problems, remedy differences, and address many other problems that serve the citizen as an ultimate goal, stressing the government’s readiness to prepare all financial requirements or in terms of decisions and procedures accompanying digital transformation.