Al-Sudani: The development road project will provide many job opportunities

Al-Sudani: The development road project will provide many job opportunities

2024-04-27 01:24

Al-Sudani - The development road project will provide many job opportunitiesShafaq News/ Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani expected, on Saturday, that the development road project will provide “many” job opportunities inside and outside Iraq.

This came in a speech in which he opened the work of the Arab Labor Conference in its fiftieth session, which was hosted by the capital, Baghdad, for the period from (April 27 – May 4).

Al-Sudani said in the speech, “The youth group represents 60% of our society, and is the backbone of the labor movement,” adding, “We established the Iraq Fund for Development with huge capital in order to create an investment environment that provides thousands of job opportunities.”

He pointed out that “the government is working on drawing future visions regarding new economic sectors such as the green economy, the digital economy, the knowledge economy, and the blue economy, that is, water bodies, rivers, and others.”

Al-Sudani added, “We look forward to building modern labor institutions to achieve a qualitative leap in performance, legislation, oversight and occupational safety in a manner consistent with the goals of sustainable development.”

He noted that “integration between Arab countries can provide a labor market that accommodates all those capable of working.”

The Prime Minister concluded his speech by saying: We have launched the development road project, which will provide many job opportunities, through the industries that will be localized in the areas through which it passes.

It is worth noting that the “Development Road” project is a land and railway road extending from Iraq to Turkey and its ports. The length of the road and railway is 1,200 kilometers inside Iraq, and aims primarily to transport goods between Europe and the Gulf countries.

The project’s investment budget amounts to about 17 billion US dollars, including 6.5 billion for the highway, and 10.5 billion for the electric train, and it will be completed in 3 phases, the first ending in 2028, the second in 2033, and the third in 2050.

The project is expected to provide about 100,000 job opportunities in the first phase, and one million job opportunities after its completion.