Al-Sudani: The budget will practically translate the goals of the government program, and we will leave the term outstanding problems with Kurdistan

Al-Sudani: The budget will practically translate the goals of the government program, and we will leave the term outstanding problems with Kurdistan

2023-03-15 00:57

Al-Sudani - The budget will practically translate the goals of the government program and we will leave the term outstanding problems with KurdistanShafaq News/ The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, considered, on Wednesday, the public financial budget for the next three years that it will practically translate the goals of the government program, while stressing the need to leave the differences and outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad.

Al-Sudani said in a speech he delivered at the Seventh Sulaymaniyah International Political and Economic Forum: In our government program, we entrusted ourselves with providing services to our people and building a strong, cohesive economy, and we were able to achieve large percentages of the ministerial program.

He added that the agreement on the draft budget law represents a bold step that avoids previous failures, and expresses clarity in the vision drawn for our declared goals in serving the citizen, describing the budget as an important key to opening the doors to solving several problems, and achieving priorities for addressing unemployment, combating poverty, and corruption. and the initiation of economic reform.

Al-Sudani also indicated that financial and political stability paves the way for an optimal investment of our country’s first wealth, enacting the oil and gas law, and understanding with the Kurdistan region of Iraq in this regard.

And he went on to say: Let us leave the term “unresolved problems” and replace them with terms of sustainable projects and joint economic opportunities, for the sake of a sustainable and just welfare for all Iraqis.

The Prime Minister noted that the painful memory of the heinous crime committed by the dictatorial regime against our Kurdish people in the city of Halabja is a sad occasion. We voted in the Council of Ministers two days ago on the project to convert it into a governorate, which is the least we can offer in exchange for their great sacrifices.

He touched on his meetings in Erbil, which he visited yesterday, and described them as fruitful. He said: I met a group of party heads and representatives of the components (in Erbil), and we talked without restrictions, because we are – in word and deed – people of one country, and one destiny.

He added, “I commend the efforts made to reconcile the Kurdish political leaders to unite the ranks, and we support these efforts.”

Al-Sudani stressed that the prejudices distorting the unity of Iraq, which see that the strength of one of its parts is to weaken the federal government or to weaken the other components in the country, was an entry point for the terrorist organization ISIS to pounce on the heart of the state, threatening all components without exception.

He pointed out that Iraq is looking forward to deep and sustainable economic partnerships, which bring us together with brotherly and friendly peoples, and we exchange concern for security with them, with effective and fruitful economic cooperation, only the foundation for sustainable security can be established.

The Prime Minister affirmed that we will never accept that the land of Iraq be a starting point for threatening the security of the neighborhood, and our constitution obliges us not to interfere in the affairs of others, just as we do not accept that the dignity of our land and our sovereignty be affected from the neighborhood or from others.

And he went on to say, “Our government attached, early on, special importance to strengthening the border guard forces, and increased efforts to control them, prevent infiltration, and eliminate any force that seeks to destabilize, whether in the Kurdistan region or anywhere else in the land of Iraq.”

Al-Sudani said that Iraq’s history, geographical location, economic potential and capabilities, and the human resources it possesses, qualify it to play a pivotal role in the Middle East and the world. to become a regional focus.

He stated that this week was full of successes and shedding light on a humanitarian issue linking Iraq with its regional and international surroundings through our holding of the climate conference in Basra.

The Prime Minister stated that we sought, within our government program, to give priority to facing the effects of climate change through a number of projects that contribute to reducing emissions, including the establishment of renewable energy stations, rehabilitation of closed sanitary landfill sites, projects to combat desertification, water-regulated irrigation techniques, and heavy water treatments.

He stressed that we have recently signed contracts for the fifth licensing round to invest associated gas and stop burning it, in order to reduce carbon emissions by large proportions, and we will continue to develop projects that convert associated gas into a source of electric energy.

Al-Sudani also confirmed that we launched a major initiative to plant 5 million trees and palm trees in all governorates of Iraq, accompanied by the launch of a national guide for urban afforestation for the first time in Iraq.

He continued by saying: The world can learn many lessons from the battle of the Iraqi people, with their various races and religions, in their war against terrorism.