Al-Sudani: The budget law is different from previous years, and we continue to support the dollar to return it to its official price

Al-Sudani: The budget law is different from previous years, and we continue to support the dollar to return it to its official price

2023-01-21 00:09

Al-Sudani - The budget law is different from previous years and we continue to support the dollar to return it to its official priceShafaq News/ The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani announced, on Saturday, that his government is about to finish preparing the draft budget law for the year 2023. At the same time, he affirmed the continued support of the Central Bank of Iraq to restore the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar to its official price.

Al-Sudani’s speech was during a speech he delivered during a memorial ceremony held in Baghdad on the 20th anniversary of the assassination of the head of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim.

Al-Sudani said in his speech, “Today we are nearing the completion of the draft budget law, which is different from previous years, and it is the first time that the budget law revolves around the government program.”

He added that, the government continues its support for the Central Bank of Iraq to return the exchange rate of the dollar to the official rate, and this is part of an overall economy that needs a courageous response and effective solutions to end the wrong financial policies that the current government inherited.

Al-Sudani added, “We have taken a number of bold decisions to support and stabilize the Iraqi dinar, and we warn those who try to exploit the crisis and play on people’s needs.”

He went on to say that the exchange rate did not rise as a result of a government decision, but rather because there were those who took advantage of the temporary conditions and the turmoil in the markets that were not yet accustomed to dealing with the new banking mechanisms, which would preserve the funds, which is an important step on the road to economic reform.

The Prime Minister emphasized the priority of combating corruption, and our government continues to assign it to the judiciary and the competent authorities to pursue those wanted and to work to recover the looted funds.

He said, “We have taken into account, in all our steps, and in the goals of the budget, to alleviate endemic poverty in some Iraqi environments and sectors.”

Al-Sudani noted that “at the forefront of these tasks was the major social research process, and the promotion of the lowest-income segments with food baskets and the ration card.”

He stressed that the state’s duty is planning and development, addressing imbalances, creating economic opportunities, preparing the ground for the work of the public and private sectors, and absorbing and rehabilitating the youth segment.

The Iraqi Prime Minister indicated that foreign relations are given special importance, saying: We continue to communicate and exchange visits with brothers and friends, and mutual interest is always present in all our dialogues.

And he stressed on all the active forces the need to stay away from the contradictions and tensions that are no longer an appropriate way to correct the course of the political situation in Iraq.

Al-Sudani added, “We will not be against the opposition opinions whose aim is to correct the defects in the body of the state. The opposing voice that bears national responsibility is no less important than the supporting voice.”

He concluded his speech by saying: We will continue to work, as long as there are courageous and serious leaders in it, and as long as our rational authority takes care of its path with its wisdom, and as long as our security forces, of all kinds, are capable and empowered, and mobilize their efforts from the sacrifices of the martyrs.