Al-Sudani on stealing the century: Big names will be held accountable soon

Al-Sudani on stealing the century: Big names will be held accountable soon

2023-04-02 22:19

Al-Sudani on stealing the century - Big names will be held accountable soonShafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani pledged, on Monday, to hold accountable the big names of those involved in the “theft of the century” case.

Al-Sudani said, to the “interview” program on the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel, that the challenge facing the Iraqi state today is corruption, and that “the bulk of corruption is protected by political or official facades,” and there was no real will to combat it in the previous period, while part Of corruption is societal because of the absence of accountability.

Al-Sudani added that the “theft of the century”, which is tax guarantees that were stolen in the amount of 3 trillion and 7 billion dinars, “has protection and an official government cover, and the judiciary talks about the existence of a network of senior officials in the previous government that contributed to the coverage and provided facilities to a network of thieves that seized this money.”

On the way he dealt with officials who confirm their involvement in the “theft of the century,” Al-Sudani said, “This particular case, if there is no accountability and recovery of public money, then any talk of combating it will be in vain and laughter on the chins.”

He emphasized that he was clear and frank from the first day of public opinion and with the Judicial Council, which told him: “Whoever is involved in the case, regardless of his location, capacity, or proximity to this or that party, you, by law, issue the arrest warrant, and I am concerned with bringing him, whether inside or outside Iraq.” “.

In response to a question about whether he expected anything soon against major names, he replied, “Yes… against major names in this great theft… and they must be held accountable because there are no red lines,” noting that “some of those involved in the deal of the century are participating.” With the current political process, they will soon be overthrown.”

And last October, the “theft of the century” case was revealed for the first time, in which former senior officials and businessmen were involved, and it sparked great discontent in Iraq, which in recent years has witnessed massive protests calling for an end to corruption.

During the interview, Al-Sudani refused to accuse all the political class of corruption, speaking of an intentional mix-up with the aim of causing everyone to despair and leaving the arena for a specific class.

Source / Al Jazeera