Al-Sudani meets in Washington with a group of the Iraqi community

Al-Sudani meets in Washington with a group of the Iraqi community


Al-Sudani meets in Washington with a group of the Iraqi communityPrime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani met with the Iraqi community in Washington and other American states, on the sidelines of his official visit to the United States of America.

Al-Sudani expressed his pride and appreciation for the Iraqi communities in the United States and the rest of the world, and stressed that Iraq is for all Iraqis, and the country needs the expertise, experiences, opportunities, and initiatives of Iraqi figures in America.

Al-Sudani announced work on a study to establish a department for expatriate affairs. In order to achieve effective communication with Iraqi communities in the world, the government is looking for competencies away from quotas.

Al-Sudani said that our visit to the United States is important. To clarify our vision about the shape of the relationship with America, indicating that America granted Iraq preferences in customs exemption, and a memorandum was signed with financing institutions worth 5 billion dollars, all of which are not activated within the strategic framework agreement.

He explained that Iraq today is different from what it was in 2014. Because ISIS no longer poses a threat to Iraq.

He stressed that we want to move to bilateral relations with the countries of the international coalition after the victory over ISIS, similar to the countries of the region, including security relations.

He explained that the first meeting of the founding committee stipulated in the framework agreement will be held, and there will be periodic meetings of this committee.

He stressed that Iraq today is witnessing unprecedented recovery, stability, security, real development, and tangible services in all parts of Iraq.

He pointed out that the government’s first step was to reform regulatory institutions, and our measures in combating corruption are professional and not vindictive.

He confirmed that we recovered a lot of money from people wanted in corruption cases who held other nationalities, and some of the wanted persons voluntarily surrendered themselves to the judiciary.

He stated that the signing of contracts with Total, the fifth round, and the national effort will enable Iraq to achieve gas self-sufficiency within 3-5 years.

He continued, “We have started projects related to refineries, and 2024 will be the last year for importing petroleum derivatives.”

He explained that Iran is a neighboring country and we have common interests with it, and America is a strategic ally and our relationship with it is important.

He stressed that the relationship with Iran and the United States is an advantage for Iraq, and can be used to reduce tension, and this is what happened in all crises in the region.

He explained that the US Treasury recorded observations on the work of banks in previous years, and not during the current government, which adopted the electronic platform.

Our action has clarified the industrial and agricultural sectors, and idle factories have been operated, such as fertilizer, iron and steel production factories.

He stressed that the basis of economic advancement is belief in the role of the private sector, which has been supported by the government.

He stated that the development road and Al-Faw port projects will create a new Iraq.

He pointed out that the development road is the least expensive and fastest project for transporting goods, and the first principles for it will be signed during the Turkish President’s visit soon