Al-Sudani: Iraq is witnessing a new reality today in the private sector

Al-Sudani: Iraq is witnessing a new reality today in the private sector


Al-Sudani - Iraq is witnessing a new reality today in the private sectorPrime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani met today, Friday, with an elite group of Iraqi businessmen residing in the American state of Michigan, as part of his official visit to the United States.

The businessmen reviewed their companies’ specializations and businesses, and expressed their willingness to be in Iraq to pursue and participate in investment opportunities available in various sectors and contribute to building their country.

During the meeting, Al-Sudani stressed that Iraq is witnessing a new reality today with regard to the private sector, explaining a series of practical steps taken by the government and the facilities it granted to the private sector. He also pointed out what has been accomplished at the level of financial and banking reform, which has increased the percentage of contracts that comply with the standards. The global rate reached 80% according to reports of international institutions.

He touched on the government’s important projects in the field of the pharmaceutical industry and the housing sector, pointing to the start of establishing new residential cities, which include the construction of tens of thousands of housing units, the job opportunities they provide for young people, and the revitalization of the construction sector and dozens of related professions.

The Prime Minister urged Iraqi businessmen to seize the available investment opportunities and bring production lines to laboratories and factories in various specializations, noting that Iraq’s budget for the three years included, for the first time, providing sovereign guarantees to the private sector, in addition to establishing the Iraq Fund for Development, which will work with this. The sector is implementing vital and important projects, which contribute to moving the wheel of the economy and implementing the government’s vision for sustainable development and a strong and prosperous Iraq.