Al-Sudani classifies corruption as a pandemic, criticizes “rejectionist journalism” and issues several directives

Al-Sudani classifies corruption as a pandemic, criticizes “rejectionist journalism” and issues several directives

2023-06-17 01:42

Al-Sudani classifies corruption as a pandemic criticizes rejectionist journalism and issues several directivesShafaq News/ The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, described, on Saturday, the penetration of financial and administrative corruption in the departments and institutions of the Iraqi state as a “hateful pandemic”, while he called on the press to cooperate with the authorities to combat it, stressing the need for the press not to be “a doorway through which those with good intentions run out”. bad for projective ends” targeting the federal government or the political process in the country.

This came in a speech he delivered during the official celebration held by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in the capital, Baghdad, on the occasion of the National Day of the Iraqi Press and the passage of 154 years since the issuance of (Zawraa) newspaper in 1869 AD.

In his speech, Al-Sudani said, “Our aspiration for a real role for the fourth authority to consolidate the pillars of the democratic system requires us to provide what provides the journalist with a decent life, and not be an easy prey for those who exploit the press and public opinion makers for personal ends.”

He added, “The press should not be a door through which those with bad intentions who live on chaos, allegations and distortion of facts for the purposes of projecting the work of the state or the political process, or using it as a means of blackmail, something we categorically reject because it harms the reputation of the press, which represents the voice of the people and expresses their worries and sorrows.”

Al-Sudani added, “Some media outlets operating inside and outside Iraq have been busy broadcasting negativity for political or utilitarian purposes, which has caused external alienation that has deprived Iraq of opportunities for investment and development.”

He continued, “The responsibility of the national press and those in charge of it is to organize journalistic work, because there are those who do not distinguish between freedom and chaos.”

Al-Sudani directed the issuance of a package of obligatory procedures and directives in support of Iraqi journalists and media institutions, on the occasion of the 154th National Day for the Iraqi press.

The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement today that Al-Sudani directed all ministries, governorates, and bodies not associated with a ministry, to overcome obstacles and provide the necessary facilities for press and media cadres who have an official license from the Media and Communications Authority, in accordance with the law.

He also directed the concerned authorities to provide media institutions with Internet service at subsidized prices, as well as to reconsider the financial transfers of the media regarding (satellite) channels and media offices, in a way that serves the media reality in Iraq, based on the Central Bank of Iraq law and the instructions for controlling external transfer.

With the aim of facilitating the procedures for the movement of press and media cadres who have an official license, His Excellency has directed all checkpoints and security detachments stationed between all governorates to implement this. Facilitating the granting of entry visas to journalists working in offices and media channels, and facilitating their residence procedures in Iraq, based on the Foreigners’ Residence Law No. (76) of 2017.

In the field of continuous support, the Prime Minister directed the facilitation of the completion of social security transactions for press cadres working in various media institutions. He also directed a review of water and electricity fees imposed on media channels and offices, as well as generator fuel wages.