Al-Sadr’s minister warns politicians: If you go back to how you were, it will be the end of Iraq and yours

Al-Sadr’s minister warns politicians: If you go back to how you were, it will be the end of Iraq and yours

2022-09-28 04:55

Al-Sadrs minister warns politicians - If you go back to how you were it will be the end of Iraq and yoursShafaq News/ Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, warned on Wednesday the political blocs and their leaders that the continuation of financial and administrative corruption and the reproduction of the same experiences of governance in previous governments will lead to “the end of Iraq.”

The Iraqi, known as the “Minister of the Leader”, said in a tweet seen by Shafak News Agency, “I am one of the advisors to you .. to the leaders, politicians, rulers and even the common people among their followers in our beloved Iraq. The homeland is more important than your positions, chairs, authority, weapons, projects, trade, money, families and palaces.”

He added, “If your trade and the money that you have acquired are more important and more beloved to you than your homeland and your people, then wait until God brings His command. God forbade it because it harmed the country and the authority forbade it when it said: (The tested is not tempted) not by the same people, nor by the same system, nor by the same constitution, nor by the same mechanisms, nor by the same militias, nor by the same subordination, nor by the same method. The food and you do not care, its dignity, its sustenance, its security and its freedom have been lost, and its sovereignty has been violated from here and there.”

Al-Iraqi added, “You are now the owners of huge capital, and you used to be owners of simple businesses, so how about you now, and you are the owners of billions, palaces, farms and trade… all at the expense of the oppressed people… who, as soon as he demanded his food and his rights, you suppressed and killed him, and the martyrs of October and Ashura are not far from you.” .

He pointed out that “history repeats itself, for the Umayyads ruled: (the Baath and its greatness) and today it is intended for the Abbasids to control the fate of an ancient people. Drought, lack of security and fear, and you spread corruption, so you made it a disgrace and tarnished the reputation of the resistance, the mobilization and jihad, but rather all religions and sects.

Al-Iraqi considered that this “is far from politics and far from what the master of the guardians, peace be upon him, commanded when he said: (And make your heart feel compassion for the subjects, love for them, and kindness to them, and do not be against them seven predators seizing their food, for they are of two types, either your brother in religion or your equal.” In creation, mistakes are neglected from them, and their faults are exposed, and they are brought at their hands in intentional and error, so give them from your forgiveness and your pardon like the one you would like God to give you from his forgiveness and forgiveness, for you are above them, and the guardian of the matter over you is above you, and God is above those who entrust you. You set yourself up as war against God, for I cannot help you with His vengeance, and you are not indispensable for His pardon and mercy).

And he concluded by saying, “By God, if you go back to how you were, it is the end of Iraq, and even the end of you too… So fear God if you are able to do that after the world has tempted you and has drawn the ropes of Satan around you, and its adornments and tricks have pleased you… and there is no time for regret.”