Al-Sadr’s minister attacks the coordinating framework for holding a parliament session and makes an appeal to Iran

Al-Sadr’s minister attacks the coordinating framework for holding a parliament session and makes an appeal to Iran

2022-08-31 08:11

Al-Sadrs minister attacks the coordinating framework for holding a parliament session and makes an appeal to IranShafaq News/ The so-called “Minister of the Leader” who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr expressed, on Wednesday, his strong dissatisfaction with the determination of the coordinating framework, which includes Shiite political forces, to hold a session of the House of Representatives in preparation for proceeding with the formation of the federal government, while describing this The stances emanating from the framework are “insolent.” I consider that the Sadrist movement has become their “first enemy by all available means”, with the exception of violence, if they do not declare mourning for the victims of the “Ashura Revolution” protests.

Al-Iraqi said in a post on social media today, followed by Shafak News Agency, that “I was not surprised, not for the blink of an eye, by the positions of (the shameless coordinating framework) or by his (insolent militias) when they announced, with rudeness, uniting the entire people, its reference and its sects, that they are proceeding with the convening of Parliament to form ( Their insolent government) and the blood of (executed people) is still treacherous from the peaceful demonstrators and the bullets of their dirty militias have not dried up, as if the slain was a terrorist or a Zionist and had nothing to do with the (sect) or the (homeland).”

And he added, “Yes, that is rudeness beyond rudeness. They have no religion, no morals, and they do not have a little (honor of adversity) what a (shameless trinity) that does not know the meaning of reform, revolution, peace, or people’s suffering at all.”

The Minister of Al-Sadr refers to the “impudent triad” within the coordinating framework, who are: the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki, the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement led by the dissident from the Sadrist movement, Qais Khazali, and the Wisdom Movement headed by Ammar al-Hakim.

The Minister of Al-Sadr added, “This group adored corruption, money, and vice, and fed on them like an animal that fed on virgins, so it was no longer even fit for food. They loved corruption, from which they feed and their strength grows, and they did not try, even for once, to expose a single file of corruption as if they were infallible.”

He added, “They not only love corruption, but they also hate reform and reformers, and they dance to their (martyrs) once and their (withdrawal) from Parliament once and from the demonstrations again, as if the martyrs and those who withdrew from a nationality that is not Iraqi and from a minority that does not have millions of lovers and belongings in this country.

Al-Iraqi continued by saying, “It is insolence, gentlemen. It is the struggle of existence, their presence in power and the despicable corrupt junta whose demise has come, and you should know that I did not and will not hesitate to write this article, although it is severe or some consider it outside the contexts of politics, but it is the bitter truth that must be The speakers pronounce it and the idiots utter it, otherwise the silent one is a mute devil who does not love the homeland.

The Leader’s Minister concluded his speech by saying, “From here, if they do not declare mourning, then let them consider me and the movement from today their number one enemy by all available means and away from violence and assassinations that the corrupt decided to describe their opponents with,” adding, “This is my appeal to the neighbor Iran to rein in its camel in Iraq or else Fall away when I regret it.”