Al-Sadr hints at withdrawal if reform is not achieved

Al-Sadr hints at withdrawal if reform is not achieved


Al-Sadr hints at withdrawal if reform is not achievedInformation / Baghdad..
Today, Saturday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, hinted at his withdrawal from the political process in the event of the failure of the reform project.

The page “Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi” quoted Al-Sadr’s saying, “The Information” followed him: “There is something more important than dissolving parliament and holding early elections. The most important thing is: the non-participation of all the parties and personalities that participated in the political process since the US occupation in 2003 to this day, with all Its details include leaders, ministers, employees and special ranks affiliated with the parties, absolutely, including the Sadrist movement. I say this with full mouth.

He added, “This, instead of all the initiatives that some are seeking, including the United Nations, thanks. I am ready, within a maximum period of (72) hours, to sign an agreement that includes this from now on.”

Al-Sadr continued: “It is not said that this is achieved after the upcoming elections, nor that it be achieved in a bloody way. If this is not achieved, then there is no room for reform.. Therefore, there is no need for me to interfere with what is happening in the future, neither by tweeting nor by anything else.”