Al-Party: The framework now has the parliamentary majority

Al-Party: The framework now has the parliamentary majority


Al-Party - The framework now has the parliamentary majorityInformation/Baghdad.
Kurdistan Democratic Party deputy Shirwan Al-Dobardani confirmed, on Sunday, that the coordination framework and its allies have the parliamentary majority, indicating that the Sovereignty and Democratic Alliance do not have the ability to dissolve parliament.

Al-Dobardani said in a televised interview, which was followed by “The Information”, that “the majority of the House of Representatives has become part of the framework and of the forces allied with it, and that the democracy and sovereignty do not have a sufficient number to dissolve Parliament.”

He added, “We seek for the democrat to be an egg to find a rapprochement between the framework and the current, and that the democrat continues his negotiations with the political forces in Baghdad.”

Al-Dobardani pointed out that “a delegation from the Democratic Party, consisting of Fouad Hussein, two Rikani banks and Shakhwan Abdullah, requested guarantees to accept the results of the upcoming elections.”