Al-Kazemi: Iraq’s politicians must expedite the formation of the government

Al-Kazemi: Iraq’s politicians must expedite the formation of the government


Al-Kazemi - Iraqs politicians must expedite the formation of the governmentThe outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, from Nineveh Governorate, which he visited yesterday, sent a set of political messages in which he called on political parties and forces to work hard to overcome what has become known as the “political blockage stage” and move forward with the formation of the government, which was delayed for months and still has a long path ahead. Of the differences and political conflicts that prevent agreement on its declaration.

During his inauguration of the 220-bed Al-Batool Teaching Hospital building, Al-Kazemi thanked the city on the right side of the city of Mosul, the center of Nineveh Governorate. in order to build their country.” It is known that most of the infrastructure in Mosul, especially in its right part, was severely damaged during the war against ISIS, which seized control of it in June 2014, before the government forces were able to defeat and expel it from the city at the end of 2017.

The city is still complaining about the delay in rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. Al-Kazemi admitted this when he said: “There are many health projects that have been lagging over the past years, but the government, despite the circumstances, has succeeded in reviving many lagging projects with regard to health in all governorates of Iraq.” He added, “In order to build the state, we need to protect the dignity of citizens, and health care is part of the dignity of the citizen.”

In a message from Nineveh addressed to all Iraqi political and patriotic forces, he said: “This city, which was destroyed by the conditions of the war against (ISIS), regains its life and is able to revive its reality through the projects and the workshop in the province.”

It seems that Al-Kazemi, who still has a chance to win a second term, chose Nineveh to direct the most urgent messages to the political forces in view of the problems his government is facing in view of the existing state of stalemate and political turmoil, as he reminded those forces of their full responsibility in forming the new government six months after the last Parliamentary elections held in the country.

Al-Kazemi addressed the political forces in an accent that is not without sharpness, saying: “Enough of indulgence and laziness, today we must work together to restore consideration to all of Iraq, and stop at all the stations that led us to this political blockage. We must reconsider and salute the committee to rewrite the constitution and correct it.” Many of the points that were an obstacle in building Iraq.” He added: “Political forces must be aware of the danger of inaction, and we must think about people and their dignity; In order to serve them.” And he added: “It is imperative to work hard to form a government that will carry out its duties and entitlements. The next phase is a phase of entitlements. This government has succeeded in protecting the Iraqi economy from collapse.” He continued, “We must work together in the spirit of one team as Iraqis. We have no choice but Iraq, and we must serve it, and today we are facing a model of cooperation between the Husseiniya Shrine, the Ministry of Health and the Nineveh Governorate, a model that proves that Iraqis can overcome many crises in building their country.” .

Al-Kazemi did not forget to refer to the issue of the significant rise in the prices of goods and foodstuffs, which raises resentment with the citizens, and said: “I remind the Iraqis that the world is going through difficult and complicated circumstances due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the rise in food prices, which in some cases rose by double rates, but despite the lack of Budget, the government has taken decisions to support the citizen, and to control prices, and we have stopped customs, taxes and some fees so that the citizen is not affected by the consequences of the price escalation.”

Yesterday afternoon, Al-Kazemi visited a number of institutions and cultural and heritage sites in Mosul and followed up on their reconstruction efforts in the old city of Mosul and directed by overcoming the obstacles faced by efforts seeking to support heritage, artistic features, and youth activities in Nineveh Governorate. He toured a number of Mosul neighborhoods and regions, during which he met a number of people and listened to their demands and complaints. He also visited the Mosul Forest area, and ate lunch with a number of women and people there.