Al-Kaabi: An agreement to pass the budget

Al-Kaabi: An agreement to pass the budget

3/31/2021 14:38

Al-Kaabi - An agreement to pass the budget[Baghdad – Where]
First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan al-Kaabi, confirmed that there is an agreement to pass the law, which is applicable to any draft law and the same mechanism through which laws pass in most parliaments in the world.
“The latter received, in his office today, Wednesday, the Chargé d’Affairs of the French Embassy in Baghdad, Jean Noel Buonio, and his accompanying delegation, in the presence of Representative Alla Talabani, head of the Iraqi-French Relations Committee,” Al-Kaabi said in a statement.

Al-Kaabi said, according to a statement from his office: “We appreciate the great interest that the State of France shows to our country, Iraq, through the great and many activities carried out by the French embassy in Baghdad, as well as the recent visit of the French president, and this is evidence of the importance of Iraq to France.”

The statement indicated that “during the meeting, many files were discussed, including the file of the draft budget law, as Al-Kaabi stressed that there is an agreement to pass the law, which is applicable to any draft law and the same mechanism that laws go through in most parliaments of the world.”

He continued, “This law is of great importance at this time specifically, as there are many files that need financial allocations, and there are services that must be provided and projects must be completed. Welcome to the French initiative regarding helping Iraq in holding the next parliamentary elections,” stressing that “it will take place at the exact time specified.” It is 10/10/2021, and Iraq welcomes any initiative and from any country, especially the countries of Europe from which the democratic experiment of the world was launched. This will add to the elections greater transparency while preserving the real guarantees of the will of the Iraqi voter. ”

According to the statement, “It was agreed upon many programs and activities to be carried out by the French embassy, ​​including increasing the number of academic fellowships for Iraqi students in France, as well as expanding joint cultural, artistic and scientific activities between the two countries and reopening the French Language Institute to those wishing to learn the language,”

Al-Kaabi stressed “the importance of investing in good relations between the two countries in terms of investment in building people, which is a more beneficial aspect than the rest of the sectors, and an agreement to resume the exchange of parliamentary visits between the two countries during the next short period.”