Al-Halbousi cites his “justifications” for resigning: positions are a mandate, not an honor

Al-Halbousi cites his “justifications” for resigning: positions are a mandate, not an honor

2022-09-26 08:50

Al-Halbousi cites his justifications for resigning - positions are a mandate not an honorShafaq News/ The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, explained on Monday the reasons for submitting his resignation from the parliament presidency.

Al-Halbousi said in a symposium held by the Al-Rafidain Forum, which was followed by Shafak News Agency; “It was assumed that the parliament session before the fortieth visit, despite the events that accompanied the demonstrations, would postpone the sessions until after the visit for understanding.”

He added, “It was assumed that the parliament session would be held on September 20, and the Prime Minister (Al-Kazemi) requested to postpone the session due to security precautions.”

and between al-Halbousi; “I submitted my resignation and did not trade it with anyone,” noting that “the positions are a mandate, not an honor, and whoever receives the positions must know the importance of the stage.”

He pointed out that “the trends in the House of Representatives differed by 180 degrees, we have to start a new phase and I give the right to members of Parliament to express their opinion on the resignation.”

He pointed out that “this year that has passed is the most difficult year in my life, in which political problems have been reflected on the masses of political parties.”

He stressed that “the resignation step will not hinder the convening of the session, and I respect the opinion of the parliament and I will not impose my presence on the members of Parliament.”

Al-Halbousi explained; “I did not discuss with anyone the issue of resignation, and everyone from the political forces must open up, and what we are going through is dangerous, for exceptions have become the basis for the administration of the state.”

he continued; “We respect the choices of the components and we are committed to the agreement with the parties that will form the government. On a personal level, I know Muhammad Al-Sudani, and I saw nothing but positive from him.”

Regarding salaries for the year 2023, Al-Halbousi said; “The current government cannot spend the year 2023 according to the 1/12 principle, and there is no legal outlet for the payment of salaries next year if the budget law is not legislated.”