Al – Baghdadi alive or dead? .. Ambiguity raises doubts

Al – Baghdadi alive or dead? .. Ambiguity raises doubts

January 20, 2018 – 8:53

Al - Baghdadi alive or dead .. Ambiguity raises doubtsDespite the announcement of a humiliating defeat in Iraq, the urgent question remains about the fate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who seized one-third of Iraq’s territory in 2014 to establish his alleged successor state, which terrorized millions in the region and terrorized people around the world. , And was the cause of terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States.

Despite the defeats suffered by a hasty organization in Syria and Iraq and the collapse of the Caliphate’s dream, the organization’s leader is still at large defying all efforts to capture him.

An unprecedented number of spies have chased Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi over the past three years to no avail.

The most wanted man on the planet has been tracked at least three times in the past 18 months alone, the newspaper said. Although surrounded by a protective net, the isolated leader was seen elsewhere.

The newspaper considered that the presence of a fugitive in the digital age has obvious shortcomings.

During an upsurge in debate, intelligence circles continued to debate whether al-Baghdadi’s life or death would make a difference in organization, and whether the latter still posed a threat to the regional order and global security.

“The level of threat of organization has not changed, and the survival of Baghdadi can be used by his followers as a collective call for recruitment,” said a senior regional intelligence officer.

“The branch responsible for planning the attacks abroad did not appear to have been affected in any way by the losses,” the officials said.

Despite the $ 25 million reward the US State Department has paid for his head, al-Baghdadi has been able to avoid families or die repeatedly despite the US, Russian, Syrian and Iraqi armies concentrating on killing him, the Daily Post said.

The report pointed out that the origin of intelligence is provided from sources on the ground, which the United States lacked in dealing with a supporter.

Western intelligence agencies have found it almost impossible to plant spies within the terrorist organization.

The report pointed out that even the dissidents and the prisoners of his followers, although they expressed disappointment with the group and tactics, but they usually show evidence of continued loyalty to the dream of an advocate who sold them.

The report stressed that the conditions that have made young men and women from all over the world join in the still-existent injustice, lack of opportunities and political inequality.