Al-Abadi’s coalition distances itself from any position regarding the candidate for prime minister

Al-Abadi’s coalition distances itself from any position regarding the candidate for prime minister

2022-09-19 08:02

Al-Abadis coalition distances itself from any position regarding the candidate for prime ministerShafaq News/ The victory coalition led by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi distanced himself from any position regarding the candidate for prime minister, calling for work to produce a “constitutional political settlement.”

“We work and support any dialogue and rapprochement between the political forces to end the political blockage, the success and failure of the state to serve the citizen is an act of solidarity,” explaining that “we have nothing new regarding the candidate for prime minister,” the “Victory Coalition” said, in a statement received by Shafak News Agency. And the rumored counter-positions and positions come to pass special agendas and interests that have nothing to do with resolving the crisis and avoiding blockages and chaos.”

The statement pointed out that “Al-Abadi’s initiatives always emphasize the need to adopt the correct path to resolve the crisis, regardless of the name of the candidate for prime minister,” stressing that “the most important thing is the agreement of the political parties on a roadmap that ends the political blockage, and brings the country out of the neck of the crisis. And this is what we are working on.” Always, whether within the coordinating framework or with others.”

He considered that “the differences between the political forces should not center on the best candidate for the interests of these or that forces, but rather how to govern and according to any valid and possible criteria to manage the current stage and the foreseeable future, and this is what the public expects from its national forces.”

He stressed that “the duty of the forces concerned with the state today is to work to produce a constitutional political settlement that creates the appropriate conditions for early elections that restore legitimacy to the political process among citizens, and not a struggle over the positions of the state, whatever it is.”

Informed sources from within the coordination framework told Shafaq News Agency, “There are deep differences within the framework due to the prime ministerial candidate during the next stage, and that there is a desire by Hadi Al-Amiri and Haider Al-Abadi to accept Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s candidacy for a second term in order to run a government that is not long-lived for One year and prevent the Sadrists from any expected escalation.

Those sources add that Nuri al-Maliki, Qais al-Khazali and Ammar al-Hakim are still insisting on the nomination of Muhammad Shia al-Sudani for prime minister, which blew up major differences within the framework amid the threat of the leader of the victory coalition Haider al-Abadi to withdraw from the framework if the views of some forces within the framework are ignored by al-Maliki. Khazali and Hakim