Al-Abadi responds to Al-Maliki and warns against “breaking the will”

Al-Abadi responds to Al-Maliki and warns against “breaking the will”

2022-09-12 07:31

Al-Abadi responds to Al-Maliki and warns against breaking the willShafaq News/ The leader in the coordination framework, the head of the victory coalition, Haider al-Abadi, responded on Sunday evening to the call of the head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, to “leave the issue of dissolving parliament.”

Al-Maliki had called, earlier today, to leave the issue of dissolving parliament, and to devote efforts on how to activate it, and how to speed up the formation of a (coalition) government.

Al-Abadi wrote in a tweet posted on his personal account on Twitter, “Any path based on breaking the will will be a disaster for the people and the state.”

The head of the victory coalition called for “a political agreement that leads to considering the current phase as transitional, beginning with the formation of a government and ending with the dissolution of parliament and early elections.”

Al-Abadi concluded by saying, “The interests of the people and the stability of the state are higher and more valuable than any partisan or factional interest.”

This comes in the wake of the Federal Supreme Court’s announcement, rejecting the case for dissolving the Iraqi Council of Representatives, because the matter is not within its jurisdiction, but rather within the jurisdiction of the Council of Representatives itself or the presidents of the republic and government.