Air Msderbalqoh reveals scheme Kurd about Tarirat US F-16

Air Msderbalqoh reveals scheme Kurd about Tarirat US F-16

23/7/2015 13:36 GMT

Air Msderbalqoh reveals scheme Kurd about Tarirat US F-16Follow-up – and babysit – A source in the Air Force, Thursday, about the presence of US scheme Kurd on the choice of places of Iraqi aircraft rules, pointing out that most of the F-16 pilots are from Kurdish and Sunni components.
The source said that “the number of pilots who were sent to Washington for training on the F-16 in the previous government time was 40 pilot 20 of Kurds and 20 of the Year and Turkmen, and this is arranged in coordination with Sunni leaders and Kurdish known their ideas and orientations in coordination with the United States.”

He added that “security leaders at the time of the government of Nouri al-Maliki, like Ali Ghaidan Abboud Qanbar were busy with corruption to the extent that it was easy to pass such deals them,” pointing out that “adhere to the Kurds, specifically the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, the post of Force Commander Air “.

He criticized the source, who asked not to be named, said: “Choose Balad Air Base to be the seat of the F-16 because it is located in a hot area unlike other rules, such as the Imam Ali base in Nasiriyah, airport Essaouira military in Wasit province,” noting that “the choice of the base country was for several reasons including that it is far from the Shiite center and is located near the Kurdistan and get separation when cast as the F-16 aircraft that have been bought with cash from the southern provinces are shared between the Kurds and Sunnis. ”

The source confirmed that “Proof of this is the first flight of two F-16 over the Kurdistan region, led by pilots Kurdish which was confirmed by the commander of the Air Force Anwar Hama Amin as to reassure Kurdistan that have a stake in this aircraft.”