Agreement to pass the 2015 budget without Barriers

Agreement to pass the 2015 budget without Barriers

21/11/2014 10:32

Agreement to pass the 2015 budget without BarriersBAGHDAD / obelisk: MP in the Kurdistan Alliance, Ahmed Sarhan, Friday, about the possibility of passing next year’s budget in 2015 without barriers that have occurred in the current year budget.

Ahmed said in a statement seen by “obelisk”, that “next year’s budget will be passed easily, because there are a number of reasons for approval,” revealing “the existence of consensus and agreement of Parliament to be passed, to recognize everyone that he is not a winner of delay.”

“The convergence of views between the political blocs, in addition to all of the cabinet reshuffle completeness of the things that will make it easier to accelerate the adoption of the budget next year.”

“The recent agreement reached between the governments of the center and the region will impact on the course of approving the budget and avoid Almarqlat that occurred in the previous period, which led to disruption of approving the budget for the current year that people pay the taxes and introduced the country in major financial crises.”