Advisor to the Prime Minister: Iraq’s economy is facing a real crisis as a result of lower oil prices

Advisor to the Prime Minister: Iraq’s economy is facing a real crisis as a result of lower oil prices

Monday, December /15 December 2014 08:30

Advisor to the Prime Minister - Iraqs economy is facing a real crisis as a result of lower oil prices[Baghdad-where]

The prime minister for economic affairs adviser to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the Iraqi economy is facing a real crisis, as a result of lower oil prices in the world, noting that oil is the basis of financial returns in the federal budget.

Said Saleh told all of Iraq [where] that “a lot of financial expenses in the general budget scattering miserably over the past years, posing a burden on the same budget,” stressing that “the current government is working on a financial exchange control and reduce costs and feminine jobs,” referring to the “The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, who was one of the first cut their salaries in half, as well as members of the government the cab.”

Saleh added that “there was a project is by the Council of Ministers to reduce salaries and make it in a reasonable limit,” pointing to “the existence of a new salary scale for Graduate degrees in the near time”, adding that “a lot of parties, including the religious authority demanded to cut officials and privileges salaries, including not burden the state budget. ”

He noted that “the government annually spends approximately 80% of the budget, operational and investment affairs, and that 20% of the budget back surplus, and be in accordance with the incorrect estimates because of exaggeration in these estimates,” noting that “the removal of the employees aliens eased much of the burden on the public budget, and can now pass the budget year 2015 smoothly. ”

He said Prime Minister adviser, said: “The government will rely in the future on the private sector”, adding that “the Council of Ministers will prepare whatever legally a mixed industrial cities Industry Act,” noting that “the adoption of this law will happen Industrial Revolution in the country, by giving all supplies According to this law to the Iraqis and foreigners in the field of manufacturing. ”

He stressed that “the prime minister Haider al-Abadi put himself on the agricultural sector in order to promote agricultural reality in the country,” noting that “al-Abadi will lead the agricultural campaign in order to agricultural investment in the country and the development of the Iraqi economy in the right path.”

The Prime Minister’s Office announced last month, the formation of a ministerial committee to determine cut expenses all ministries in order to reduce the budget deficit in 2015, and between the Commission will submit its recommendations within a week to address and reduce the projected deficit.

The Presidency of the Parliament, announced last month, the parliament will have legislative Batlth for the non-arrival of the budget, while confirming that he will be holding a special session in the event of arrival of the Council. It’s over