Abdul Mahdi Office: Pompeo cleared Iraq of the bombing of Saudi Aramco

Abdul Mahdi Office: Pompeo cleared Iraq of the bombing of Saudi Aramco

2019/16/9 16:34

Abdul Mahdi Office - Pompeo cleared Iraq of the bombing of Saudi Aramco[Baghdad-Where] The
Prime Minister revealed on Monday, the nature of the talks held by the President of the Council Adel Abdul Mahdi, with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during a telephone call today.
Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi received a phone call from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during which they discussed the upcoming meetings between officials of the two countries, the Prime Minister’s Press Office said in a statement received by the All-Iraq News Agency (September 16, 2019). They also discussed the recent strikes on Saudi Arabia. The two sides assessed their position on the current crisis and agreed to cooperate in the exchange of information.

According to the statement, “the Prime Minister stressed that the task of Iraq is to maintain its security and stability and avoid any step of escalation and to prevent the use of its territory against any neighboring or brotherly or friendly country, and that Iraq policy seeks to play a positive role to dismantle the crises and conflicts in the region and keep the specter of war from Iraq and the region and away from the policy of axes.

According to the statement, “US Secretary of State confirmed that the information they have confirms the statement of the Iraqi government not to use its territory in the implementation of this attack.”

The call comes amid controversy over who was behind the attack on the Aramco oil company, while US President Donald Trump threatened to retaliate after receiving information from the Saudis about the executor.

According to media reports, 9 suicide planes marched through Iraq and were likely to hit Saudi Aramco late on Friday, while the security committee in the provincial council of Dhi Qar, the same day, responded to those reports, confirming the lack of accurate information about the drones An unknown flight over the province, as well as its direction to Saudi Arabia, to hit targets there, as promoted.