Abadi’s coalition warns Abdul Mahdi against making continuous foreign visits to evade government interrogation

Abadi’s coalition warns Abdul Mahdi against making continuous foreign visits to evade government interrogation

2019/09/14 17:42

Abadis coalition warns Abdul Mahdi against making continuous foreign visits to evade government interrogationBAGHDAD

Sept 14, 2019 (WAM) – Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s upcoming visit to China and subsequent visits are expected to take place in foreign countries as well as the government hosting important heads of state in the short period. Coming in the capital Baghdad.

The coalition spokesman Ayat Muzaffar told (Baghdad Today), “Abdul-Mahdi’s upcoming visits are an attempt to address the lag in the delivery of achievements, which led to the escalation of pressure from the opposition on the one hand, and public opinion on the other has been explicitly disclosed religious reference Reluctance. ”

She pointed out that, “Abdul-Mahdi’s visits coincide with the start of parliamentary sessions and the presence of parliamentary projects against the government, such as questioning and hosting,” noting that “the intention of Abdul-Mahdi’s foreign visits to affect the file hosting in the parliament, it is not in his interest, and the results will be counterproductive.”

She explained the spokesman for the coalition of Abadi, “Parliament is going on the project of holding the government accountable for failing in the previous stage, even if achieved at this stage will not cover the previous deteriorating performance and this correct parliamentary performance that will perform the government and the government is concerned as a result of real monitoring, and the next period will A heavy parliamentary movement in this regard. ”

Earlier, Abdul Hussein al-Hanin, an adviser to Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, revealed the program of his upcoming visit to China, which will start on the nineteenth of this month and will last four days, while diplomatic sources indicated that Abdul-Mahdi is willing to visit European countries in the next few period which will also witness French and Turkish presidents in Baghdad.

Al-Hunain said in a statement followed (Baghdad today) that “the program of the next visit and economic files, carried by the Prime Minister includes major projects in roads and transport, services, education, health and other,” pointing out that “the Iraqi and Chinese sides have prepared well for the visit in the past months, Through continuous meetings with major Chinese companies, and the completion of the financing model through the Iraq-China Joint Reconstruction Fund. ”

Al-Hunain expected that “the visit will be signed during the visit major contracts and agreements in the sectors of industry and agriculture, building schools, hospitals, housing, roads, trains and bridges,” adding that the visit “falls within the philosophy of the Prime Minister in opening up to the world”, and that Iraq “a friend of all, and an influential factor In the world and forms a bridge between all the different. ”

The prime minister’s adviser noted that “China will not be the last in this deal, there is a large trend towards the United States to sign major contracts ready with US companies, such as (Exxon Mobil) and (GI) and others. In addition, Iraq has opened its doors to its neighbors Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, the Gulf States and Jordan.

A large delegation of members of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) visited Baghdad in April to discuss Chinese investments in the reconstruction of the liberated areas, and met with Iraqi officials and discussed with them the coordination of Iraqi-Chinese cooperation in the fields of reconstruction, security and economy.

China welcomed the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to Beijing. “The Chinese side attaches great importance to developing relations with Iraq and looks forward to seizing the opportunity of this visit to make joint efforts, hand in hand with the side,” said Tao. In order to consolidate and deepen the increasingly mutual political trust between China and Iraq. ”

Tao also expressed the hope that “the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi will contribute to enhancing the level of mutual cooperation in various fields, promoting human and cultural communication between the two friendly countries, and jointly drawing up future plans for China-Iraq strategic partnership relations.”

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said last week that “the Department of Asia and Australia in the ministry organized a consultative meeting for a number of representatives of Iraqi ministries and institutions,” highlighting that “the discussion was reached on the memorandums of understanding and agreements, which are expected to be signed during the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi of the People’s Republic of China at the end of this month. ”