Abadi: Iraq closer to unity than ever

Abadi: Iraq closer to unity than ever

30/11/2016 12:34

AbadiBAGHDAD / Alaa al – Taie
Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi stressed that « the city of Mosul , will remain united and one» and that «Iraq today is closer to unite than ever», and stressed that «we seek to erase all traces gangs« Daesh »reconciliation and brotherhood», as explained that « People crowd the law distinguishes between those committed by law the state and leaving him », while warning of the « pay money in exchange for appointments to gangs exploiting the citizen », and the voice of the Council of Ministers in its meeting on Tuesday , the finance ministry of education amounts , school stationery and books and pay the remaining dues processors for 2016. it also decided to restructuring of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the cabinet authorized the Minister of Finance to issue foreign bonds worth $ 2 billion, including $ billion guaranteed by the US government.
The Prime Minister during his weekly press conference on Tuesday that the «continuation of the joint forces to achieve progress in the processes of liberalization and battles, came amid the reception and the cooperation of parents and provide information security services , which have contributed to the preservation of those victories», stressing that «our priorities lie in the care of the fighters and to maintain the lives of civilians to stay in their homes », Abadi said that« the numbers of people displaced from Mosul are still without figures raised expectations, as the government has taken necessary measures to ensure protection and food for them in parallel with the facilities and subsidies humanity for families that stayed in their homes actions ».

Consolidated Mosul
said the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces: The «Mosul will remain a single, unified, and there is nothing unspoken or secret agreements also commonly other, Vzmn confidentiality agreements gone never to return , and ended with the occupation of « Daesh »for our cities, and edits take place in a clear and under the sun and there are full – size cooperation and coordination with the Peshmerga, the first time the Peshmerga forces fighting alongside the armed forces », warning« attempts to stir up sedition and distortion of unity ».
He said al – Abadi, «We have succeeded in the military side , and we will succeed in the civilian side in the liberated areas through community reconciliation, and one of our goals in the next stage, is erase the effects of « Daesh », not the reconstruction of buildings liberated areas affected by the destruction of the gangs of terrorists only, but to reconcile and brotherhood and repatriation of evacuees and displaced persons to their areas, because «Daesh» what was to enter Iraq and occupy towns and publish his crimes , not for our differences and past our conflicts that created a loophole to enter », confirmed the prime minister to« talk about the division of Iraq is the issue of the past »and« Iraq today is closer to unity than ever before, there are categorically rejected calls for each of Iraqis fired by some politicians for trading and market themselves rejected projects ».

Crowd popular
prime minister said: The «popular crowd deserves all the praise on the occasion of the adoption of its own importance of law», and stressed that « the passing of the bill is an important step and we hope that done properly», he added, say objectors that « the law gives the guarantees and rights of both feet sacrifices for the country and meet for the souls of the martyrs, can not be morally to finish the task of these sacrifices and bring them back to their homes without penalty, where would it be unfair », and continued Abadi« The other thing, it is seen with the mentality of the public interest , which says that accommodate the crowd fighters within the state umbrella and its forces and its organs better for them and for the state, and has dispelled the crowd Act concerns some of the spread of weapons is disorderly outside the framework of the state, and contributes to the crowd Highlight law – abiding law of the state and leaving him ».
Prime Minister refuted that there is a presence to rally popular in Syrian territory at the moment, and said: «Our fighter« Daesh »inside Iraqi territory and eliminate it and to secure our borders with Syria, nor the intention to have to fight in the Syrian territory», However Abadi «as Iraq used the party several international to help him in his war against «Daesh», it is the right of the Syrian state to provide the same request, and we will cooperate with them in this context of large experience possessed by our armed forces. »
Abadi confirmed « that we and our face forming a crowd in the areas where edits to maintain the land and easily obtainable after cleansing and editing operations, the door was open for anyone wishing to defend their land and within the configuration procedures, and we reject nominations under certain addresses, and actually our formations consistent with security forces» He denied the prime minister «information that talk about giving away money to some of the combat formations affiliated to political parties in Nineveh».

Raid Afar Airport
also refuted Abadi what has been traded on an attempt to target the international coalition of leaders in the crowd while he was with them at a meeting in Tal Afar Airport, indicating that «According to initial information the fall of shells at the airport, has ordered an investigation into the incident , which was said to be targeting the prime minister and in accordance with the our information, there were no planes the international coalition in the meantime, we believe that we are in confrontation with the enemy and there are targeting us in a while, and all the operations carried out by the international coalition forces are at the request of the Iraqi government. »

Deductions budget
and on a new deductions may be imposed on salaries within the budget of next year , 2017, the Prime Minister stressed that «Parliament added to last year ‘s budget the percentage deduction of 3 percent to rally public and displaced people, Alnh emanated within the 2017 budget to become 4.8 percent», adding that
« the amounts that come from those cuts have an impact well, although a few percentage but they contribute to the support of revenue, and it must for all those who contribute to the battle – determination waged by Iraq », warned Dr. Haidar al – Abadi Prime Minister of« attempts by some to exploit his position to make gains and deceit people and the looting of their money under the illusion the possibility of
appointment. »
Cabinet meeting
and the Cabinet held its regular Tuesday , headed by Dr. Haider al – Abadi, During the meeting , the vote on the restructuring of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers through the integration of a number of departments within the Secretariat and to be only the secretary-general and the development of a circle of women ‘s empowerment one deputy. According to the prime minister ‘s media office said in a statement a statement on Tuesday that « the Council of Ministers – In order to encourage local product – voted to protect the mechanical carpet products and raw cloth and others through the imposition of tariffs on imported product», as the Council voted on «financing of the Ministry of Education for books and school stationery for the reimbursement of the remaining processors to 2016, were also vote on a resolution to support the education sector , which includes the authorization of the Ministry of Higher Education and the authority received tuition fees for expense own to achieve the increase in the capacity to accept students and acted in the expansion of buildings and the purchase of equipment and wages of lecturers ». In regard to the collection of electrical energy have been approved that «the share of each sector (transport – production – distribution) to the Ministry of Electricity imports collection through contracts between the sectors, and the Ministry of the use of imports for each sector to spend on investment and operational projects for the sector mentioned».

and the Council voted on «authorize the Minister of Finance to issue foreign bonds worth $ 2 billion; billion dollars , including guaranteed by the US government and the ministry issues a billion dollars Eurobond market price for the purpose of bridging the budget deficit , according to article 2 / II / A of the general budget of the Federal Law 2016 ».
The attention to the agricultural sector and the payment of dues to farmers has been approved for funding , and Ministry of Agriculture , Agricultural Supplies and fertilizer, the Council was briefed as well as a report on Iraq ‘s membership theme in the European Union of Medical Specialties, as the Council voted on the tax benefits to contractors and to approve the draft social insurance law.