Abadi calls elements “Daesh” to surrender and prepares them to “fair trial”

Abadi calls elements “Daesh” to surrender and prepares them to “fair trial”

Tuesday 16 May 2017 18:54

Abadi calls elements Daesh to surrender and prepares them to fair trialAlsumaria News / Baghdad
called on Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, Tuesday, elements of the “Daesh” to surrender, and promised to receive a “fair trial”, while referring to the abduction in Baghdad revealed cells linked to “armed factions”.

Ebadi said during the weekly press conference which was attended by Alsumaria News, ” The fighting in Mosul must proceed according to the calculated speed , ” noting that “our intelligence capabilities have evolved and we are now ahead of the enemy and became exposed to us.”

He added Abadi , “We are preparing the elements Daesh fair trial and urge them to surrender , ” pointing out that “political differences to help the terrorist enemy through its operations spread confusion and problems.”

The Joint Special Operations Command announced on Tuesday killed 16 thousand and 467 terrorists since the launch of the city of Mosul , edit operations, as indicated liberalization 89.5% of the right areas of the coast in the city.

On the other hand, Abadi pointed out , “We have uncovered a lot of kidnapping cells in Baghdad, linked to armed factions , but these factions disown them,” alluding to the “establishment of a cell for political kidnapping operations because they need to treat another type.”

The Abadi, conducted on Thursday (11 May 2017) talks with the national intelligence cell on measures to deter kidnapping and organized crime operations.