“A stab in the back”… The region continues to embrace Iraq’s opponents and there are warnings of Romanowski’s plan inside

“A stab in the back”… The region continues to embrace Iraq’s opponents and there are warnings of Romanowski’s plan inside


A stab in the back... The region continues to embrace Iraqs opponents and there are warnings of Romanowskis plan insideInformation/Private..
The government of the “spoiled region” continues to knock on external doors to interfere in internal affairs despite the efforts of the central government to find solutions to all the crises and disputes between the central government and the region during the previous period, in an attempt that has always failed to weaken the center in order to pass illegal files and decisions.

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According to observers, the interventions of the American ambassador will not come out of nowhere, given the fertile ground that Kurdistan provides for intervention by America and all parties that are hostile to the country, especially the suspicious relations with the Zionist entity, and the Washington ambassador to Baghdad coinciding with the expected Sudanese visit to the United States of America in the middle of next month.

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region confirmed in a statement that the President of the Region met with the American Ambassador to Iraq to discuss the Iraqi political situation, resolve the problems between Erbil and Baghdad, and the region’s elections.

* Embracing Iraq’s opponents?

Speaking about this file, a member of the Al-Fatah Alliance, Ali Hussein, describes the Kurdistan region as fertile land that helps with foreign interventions from America and others, while he stressed that the Barzani government represents a safe haven for the enemies of Iraq in general.

Hussein said in an interview with the Maalouma Agency, “The secret agreements came to light by supporting the presence of American combat forces inside Iraqi territory from the Kurdish parties,” noting that “interventions will not happen without hidden invitations from Erbil.”

He continues, “Iraq has reached the stage of ending the violations and interventions pursued by US Ambassador Elena Romanowski,” noting that “most of the occasions in which Kurdistan violated the decisions of the central government caused harm to the Iraqi people.”

Hussein concludes his speech: “Erbil continues to knock on the doors of the country’s enemies in order to form a pressure card to pass many illegal and constitutional clauses and files,” adding that “the Kurdistan region represents fertile ground that helps with foreign interventions from America and others.”

*Ambassador’s interventions!

For his part, political analyst Qasim Balshan criticizes the continued interference of the American ambassador in internal affairs and the decisions of the Federal Court, while stressing that the region is obligated to respect and implement all decisions of the Federal Supreme Court.

Balshan said, in an interview with Al-Maalouma, that “the Barzani government, through a meeting with Romanowski, is trying to influence the Iraqi decision on some files, in parallel with the Sudanese’s expected visit in the middle of next month,” noting that “all internal and external parties will not influence the legal decisions.” And constitutionalism.”

He continues, “I do not think that external pressure will succeed in imposing some illegal matters on Al-Swadani in the next visit,” pointing out that “the current government is still proceeding according to constitutional frameworks despite internal and external pressure on some files.”

He added, “It is not in Iraq’s interest to involve Washington in the internal disputes of the region, which continues to obstruct signs of finding solutions to them,” stressing that “the American ambassador’s interventions in internal affairs and the decisions of the Federal Court will not be in the country’s interest.”

Warnings continue of the consequences of suspicious moves led by Washington’s ambassador to Iraq, Elena Romanowski, aimed at causing strife, influencing the Iraqi decision, or imposing American hegemony and its interests at the expense of Iraq.