A parliamentary committee investigating بخروقات functional and management at the Central Bank

A parliamentary committee investigating بخروقات functional and management at the Central Bank

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Baghdad / Orr News

Said the parliamentary investigative committee charged with investigating transactions CBI, Sunday, she started verification of functional and administrative violations in the Central Bank of appointing two directors other than those approved.

Committee member said Haitham al-Jubouri that “the work of the Commission investigative currency auction sale is still going on, was the initiation of an investigation on certain functional and administrative violations relating to the appointment of the Directors-General disagreement with the conditions.”

He added that “the Commission is still pursuing file auction currency is conducting an investigation away from the Integrity Committee, which operate,” pointing out that “the reports of the Committee investigative will continue on some banks and violations administrative witnessed by the central bank.” and commissioned the House of Representatives, Tuesday, past the investigative problem by order of Parliament on Government CBI to continue its investigation after he completed last month of preparing a detailed report on the dealings auction currency. was the commission of inquiry set up by the House of Representatives has ended last month do in and raised its report to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and sent copies of it to the prime minister The Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision and the CBI. point report a defect in the auction currency, report also revealed the control of some banks on the auction currency coupled with a significant difference Balbalg financial sold daily and the volume of goods entering the country. The Cabinet decided to withdraw the hands of the central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi from office, decided to throw later issued a warrant for his arrest, and was assigned Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit Abdul Basit Turki Bank management proxy for when choosing a new governor.