A militia commander affiliated with Trump says they are on standby to prevent election stolen and threaten civil war

A militia commander affiliated with Trump says they are on standby to prevent election stolen and threaten civil war


A militia commander affiliated with Trump says they are on standby to prevent election stolen and threaten civil warIn the most dangerous statement yet, Trump’s Oath Keepers militia leader, Stuart Rhodes, said he has armed men on standby outside Washington, D.C., in order to prevent the 2020 presidential election from stealing from President Donald Trump.

Echoing elements of QAnon’s conspiracy theory while appearing on the Alex Jones show, one of the far-right conspiracy theorists, Rhodes said the only way to prevent his men from engaging in a “bloody battle” is to declassify Trump on information to expose child molesters in the “deep state” and allow the president To stay in power.

Rhodes also indicated that his militia will take part in a rally in support of Trump planned this weekend in the nation’s capital.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has described the Rhodes Division Guard militia, which includes “ex-law enforcement officials and veterans,” as “one of the largest radical anti-government groups in the United States today.” But, as Rhodes’ recent public comments made clear, the organization’s goal has shifted from opposing the government to operating instead as a pro-Trump vigilante group ready to support Trump’s unjust attempts to stay in power after losing the 2020 election.

Rhodes joined Jones and Envires host Owen Schroer during the November 10 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show. Rhodes claimed that in order to prevent election theft from him, Trump needs to declassify information revealing members of the “deep state” so that Americans can “know all the people who have sex with children.”

According to Rhodes, judges – including Supreme Court Justice John Roberts -, politicians, members of the legal community, academia, and the media are all part of the “deep state”.

These comments repeated a central tenet of QAnon’s conspiracy theory, which claims Trump is engaged in a battle with an elite gang of child molesters.

Rhodes said Trump should task commanders of the army’s special forces with collecting and processing information because he “cannot trust normal military intelligence services.” Noting that he had previously opposed US military intervention in domestic affairs, Rhodes said that in this case Trump should resort to the law of insurgency to achieve this goal.

Then Rhodes said that to support Trump, “We have men who are already stationed outside the capital as a nuclear option in case they try to illegally isolate the president, we will intervene and stop it” and emphasized that these men are “armed” and “ready to enter, if the president calls us.” In addition to activity outside the capital, Rhodes said he will have department guards inside the city this coming weekend to support a convoy of Shroyer-led Infowars who say they will hold an event on November 14. The Infowars unit is one of several far-right groups that say they will turn in town in support of Trump. Stewart added that his group had been conducting a “reconnaissance” last week in the Washington, DC area.

Rhodes called on Trump supporters to converge in the capital the same way far-right militia members gathered on a Nevada ranch in 2014 to threaten federal law enforcement officers who were trying to enforce a court order against farmer Cleven Bondi. He also made it clear during his appearance that the only alternative for Trump to remain in power is violence, saying: “Either President Trump is encouraged, strengthened, [and] strengthened to do what he must do or we end up in a bloody battle. We all know that. coming “.

Rhodes previously claimed during an appearance on the Jones show that the department guards are stationed outside Washington, D.C., on Election Day, to prevent an unexpected scenario in which Trump’s opponents, with the help of foreign terrorists, expect to break into the White House and run out of bullets from the Secret Service, necessitating support from his militia members. . While making these comments, Rhodes raised the possibility of members of the Oath Keepers engaging in widespread violence against the left in a civil war scenario.