CBI completes economic feasibility study of retail electronic payments system

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network – announced the CBI for completing the feasibility study the technical and economic project credit card, while stressing he was waiting completion of evaluation and development agency U.S. so they can be awarded the tender to specialized companies.

said the deputy governor of the Bank the appearance of Mohammed’s (Center Brief Network Iraqi media) that “the project divided the national and have it on each bank to put points withdraw deposit Eartat to facilitate cash handling.” and added that “this effort Mbdhul of USAID, which funded part of the assistance provided to Iraq and the project is currently have.”

and stressed that this project “the establishment of infrastructure for the payments system and will go to an international company evaluate bids.” and explained, “needs this project to a company with an electronic system to manage points banks multiple in the country.”

system credit card combines points existing banks in the country to enable customers to access their account in anywhere and anytime.

This project is also known as “the development of retail electronic payments system.”