2007 bill to become basis for Iraqi oil and gas law

29/08/2012 13:30 ERBIL, Aug.29 (AKnews)- Most of the political blocs at the Iraqi Council of Representatives have agreed that the 2007 oil and gas bill should become a basis for drafting the oil and gas law, said coordinator of oil and gas committee.

A committee assigned by the presidency of the Council of Representatives is due to choose one from the three proposed bills as the basis for the law.

One bill was proposed in 2007 but lack of political consensus suspended it. The second bill was proposed by the oil and gas committee and the third was suggested in 2011 by the Council of Ministers.

The created committee, tasked with choosing one of the bills, met today for the first time, said Qasem Mohammed, a Kurdish member at the oil and gas committee as well as the created committee.

The MP said according to the committee’s information in the recent meeting between the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Speaker of the Council of Representatives Osama al-Nujaifi, the two officials have agreed that the 2007 bill should become the basis for the oil and gas bill.

Thus the two major blocs, the National Alliance (NA) and the Iraqiya List, have voiced their agreement over the bill through their representatives: PM (from NA) and the council speaker (from Iraqiya), Mohammed said.

The MP added “as Kurds, we also deem 2007 bill appropriate.”

This concord will help the 12-member committee (six members of the legal committee and the rest from the oil and gas committee) in choosing one of the bills, Mohammed said.

The UN will watch the committee while performing its mission so that there are no interventions, according to Mohammed.

He added so far there are no objections against the committee, led by MP Adnan Janabi.