Basra: 19 parties and political movement that supports the allocation of 25% of the surplus oil imports to the people

{Basra: Euphrates News} held the Liberal bloc in Basra expanded meeting included 19 political party and movement supports all project Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr to allocate 25% of the surplus oil imports to the Iraqi people. The head of the Liberal bloc in Basra Mazen Mezni told {Euphrates News} on Wednesday that “among those parties and movements who attended the meeting Dawa Islamic organization inside, the Islamic Supreme Council, Jihad Construction, the Badr Organization Organization, the Islamic Action Movement for Justice and Development, National Democratic Party, the new Iraqi assembly, intellectuals and scholars group Iraq, the mass of the people of the south, the National Accord Movement, the Iraqi Communist Party, the National Unity Gathering, popular uprising, the socialist movement. “

For his part, member of the Dawa Party organization inside Hassan Attba that “the party is just with this project which parentage brothers from the rib line for being up to all of Iraq’s provinces without discrimination between the province and the other.”

With Ali Flaih Kanaan said for the Islamic Supreme Council, “This project is a national project aimed at reducing the rate.