Parliament will reconvene tomorrow and efforts to pass laws; Amnesty and HCL Law a priority

House resumes its sessions on Tuesday after the holiday lasted 22 days. Said a parliamentary source said that “the agenda of Tuesday’s session will include the first reading of the draft law on ratification of the Convention on amending the Convention on the establishment of Arab Shipbuilding and ship repair approved by Law No. [58] for the year 1974.

“It also includes the agenda second reading of the proposed law the First Amendment to the Law Office of Financial Supervision No. [31] for the year 2011 and the second reading of the proposed amendment of the law the First Amendment to the Law Commission on Public Integrity No. {30} for the year 2011.”

said Vice mass of citizens were part of the National Alliance Aziz Alwan Ugaili said his bloc began working to take serious steps in order to pass laws the task in the coming period, which is still disabled because of incompatibility them.

noted that a lot of important laws are still pending in parliament has not been voted on, such as oil and gas law and the law of the Federal Court and the law of parties and the law the media and communications and municipal law and telecommunications law who passed it more than 7 years has not been prescribed until now because of political differences and incompatibility blocs among them.

MP said Aziz Kadhim Ugaili that “mass citizen seeks to serve the interests of the people of no interest nationalism or a certain range by working on approving a lot of important laws during the coming period, especially the laws of the Federal Court and a general amnesty and oil and gas. “and added that” mass active in Parliament during the coming period and priority will be given to serve the people of the fact that that citizen service is our primary goal in our politics. “