UN’s Economic and Social Affairs predicts a 10.5 pct economic growth rate for Iraq

BAGHDAD / JD / .. predicted by the Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations “ESCWA,” to reach the economic growth rate in Iraq to 10.5 percent.

committee said in a report released recently that it expects that rate to be growth in the Gulf states of 4.5 percent and in Iraq 10.5 percent , but most countries in the region will not exceed growth rate of 0.8 percent.

The report noted that this polarization in growth will lead to consolidation of instability dominant economic and social development in the region.

also noted that oil revenues maintained a high level historically under Arab Spring, which led to the creation poles apart for growth are of Petroleum Exporting Countries for the rest of the ESCWA region.

pointed out that the ‘channels which were linking of Petroleum Exporting Countries rest of the countries and lead to benefiting from increased oil revenues have become almost non-existent as a result of internal crises and political instability that prevails some countries in the region’ .

to the International Monetary Fund predicted that the total economic growth in Jordan between 2 percent and 3 percent through 2012 as likely that the country is facing the challenges of rising energy prices and the high cost of financing sovereign.