Solutions lie in the reforms and the constitution; Nujaifi: Must resolve all outstanding problems

Babinaoz – Agencies: left a meeting took place yesterday between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker Osama Nujaifi agreement on a roadmap or work protocol of five axes. Has announced a statement issued by the Office Is Minister said the meeting stressed ” importance of cooperation between the executive and legislative branches to serve the interests of the people, and that the Constitution is the authority in dealing with all things. “

The statement quoted the Prime Minister emphasized the “need to make progress on the path of reforms and address the issues on the basis of the Constitution, and in particular in relation to oil and gas laws and a general amnesty and accountability and justice, and move the functions needed in the way of state-building” . He stressed “the need to end all disputes over oil contracts and investments in the oil,” noting “that Iraq sought to develop its military capabilities and defense, including F-16 aircraft, which are supposed to receive their first meal in March next “.

For his part, the President of the House of Representatives “the importance ترصين the internal situation, and resolve all outstanding problems, and conduct reforms in accordance with the Constitution and to serve all parties, and in the interest of the Iraqi people.”

The meeting brought together the Prime Minister and the President of the House of Representatives last month yielded an agreement to seek approval of important laws that serve the people.

In the meantime, described Ali al-Moussawi, a media adviser to the prime minister meeting as “positive” and “fruitful.”

Moussawi said in a statement to “Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network”: he was considered and agreed on five axes of action, namely: “1 – speed up the legislation of laws broken and the oil and gas law .2 – reaching vision joint on the external relations of the country .3 – agreed to be a reference foundation Constitution adopted by the state and resolving differences 4 – to agree on the nomination of a group of names for the security ministries and choose who is running the defense and interior portfolios as soon as .5 – paper support reform, especially those related to the House of Representatives and the government. “

The decision of the House of Representatives Mohamed Khaldi, had confirmed that the prime minister and speaker of parliament will meet to discuss the political developments and discuss the reform paper and naming ministers and security chiefs, noting that the meeting also will address ways to the adoption of important laws, particularly after success parliament legislation 110 laws, pointing out that there are no comments on reform paper will be addressed during the meeting.