Government renews its call for the parliament to speed up the adoption of important laws

Iraqi government renewed its call to the House of Representatives to speed up the adoption of important laws that support its work emphasizing the need to expand the work coordination between the two sides.

He said the government’s legal adviser Fadel Mohammed Jawad (Brief Center for IMN) “there is a need to expand the coordination between the House of Representatives and the government to pass important laws during the next phase.”

He explained that “the government is part of the parliament to consider it a consensus government and its success is the success of the Council of Representatives.”

He said, “there is coordination with the level of the work of ministries and commissions are looking forward to a wider coordination with the Council of Representatives.”

He described the House of Representatives that the current relationship with the good government and impacted positively on the legislation several laws over the past week.

The surround the event of disagreement between the executive and legislative branches after reciprocal meetings between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker Osama Nujaifi over the past ten days.

She says that the small blocks of political consensus between the leaders of the large blocs (the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List) strengthens the process of work of the parliament legislation of laws have been suspended for years.

The crisis began after the political breakthrough gradually taking decisions sentence was considered by the government of the other political parties, a goodwill gesture to correct the course of the political process in the country.